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7 Reasons Why Students Should Own an iPad

With over 67 million sales at the time of writing this article, and with a market share of around 80% when it comes to tablet computing, the iPad is one gadget that shouldn’t be ignored. The iPad is a highly developed tablet computer that I believe every student should have, and it has a lot more potential for development in the future. The iPad makes learning fun and simple, and I’ll be giving you 7 reasons why you should own an iPad, as a student, in this article.

1. It is Portable

Let’s face the truth, computers have been for decades now, and there has been a lot of debate about them being widely used for educational purposes. One major reason why computers are not widely used, as they’re supposed to be, in school today is because of their size.

Of course, laptops have been introduced to solve that problem, but more speed and flexibility is needed. The iPad provides just that.

The iPad is a fast loading tablet computer, with great portability that makes it as small as most physical books. In other words, you can carry it around wherever you go without anybody noticing.

If your excuse for not using an iPad as a student is the size, it is no bigger than most books, so you have nothing to worry about.

2. It Gives You Control and Flexibility

Education is evolving, and one thing students need these days is control and flexibility. It could be flexibility in regards to how easy it is to read your favorite books, or control in how easy these books can be digested. The iPad is a digital device, and that means you can read your favorite books with increased or reduced fonts; you can also select which font you want to use.

In other words, no need to strain your eyes reading the font preferred by the publisher of your book; you can focus on digesting the content instead.

3. It is Much More Powerful than any Physical Book

The iPad is also much more powerful than any single physical book, because it isn’t just one book but thousands. You can have as little as a book on your iPad, or a thousand if that’s what you want. The iPad makes it easy to have access to multiple books at a time, as well as save money enjoying reading these books; you don’t have to have every book physically, you don’t have to waste time going to your library to pick them and flipping through pages, and you don’t have to worry about differences in the size and format of books you’re reading.

4. It Enables Multimedia Learning

Multimedia is the future of education, and most students are tired of boring lessons in the classroom. We need a revolution, we need multimedia learning. And the iPad brings this right to us. The iPad not only makes it easy to read your favorite books, it also enables you to watch videos, listen to podcast, and go through presentations like they are nothing. The iPad enables multimedia learning, and I believe that is the future of education.

5. It Allows Interactive Learning

If education is interactive, students can benefit more. Interaction is one of the many benefits of a classroom, which is why any digital device that will substitute it must be better at interaction. Online schooling is also becoming more popular these days, and interaction is the key to better education.

The iPad not only allows interactive learning, it makes it easy. In other words, you can enjoy the benefit of interactive learning without you having to be physically present, via your iPad. You no longer have to worry about missing what others are enjoying if you’re schooling online, because you have a sophisticated tablet computer that creates the same experience they are enjoying.

6. It is a Fanciful Gadget

Let’s be serious, this generation loves gadgets, and what can better gadget can a student have than an iPad. The clean look that is as a result of the beauty tastes of the giant, Apple. The cool interface, and a lot of great apps; everything is fanciful, yet effective. And that’s what students need these days. Student want to enjoy their studies in a fun environment, and having an iPad creates that kind of environment for them.

7. It has Millions of Sophisticated Apps that Encourages Learning

The, final, cool thing about the iPad that can make it rock the world of any student is the app that can be used with it. Is it apps that can be used to solve mathematical problems, or apps that gives you insight into the history of the world? Do you want to familiarize yourself with the period table, or are you itching to know more about customs and culture in various parts of the world?

Look no further, the iPad is there for you. There are tens of thousands of apps that can help you improve your education online, and you can now rest knowing that the solution you need is right before you.

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