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7 Must have iPad Apps for your Social Life

Socializing is one thing that people tend to do naturally. Even if you are not someone that enjoys holding long conversations with strangers you can still enjoy seeing or hearing what is going on with your loved ones and the people around them. Social Networking existed a decade ago, but was nowhere near the scale that it is at today. The battle between Facebook and MySpace helped to produce a lot of attention, and many people belong to both sites.

Now, people no longer have to wait until they can get themselves in front of their computer, you can now bring all of your favorite social networking sites directly to your mobile device. There are dozens of apps that are out that will give you a direct link to all of your favorite sites. Below is a list of the top 7 social networking apps that are available:


Facebook is one of the most well known social networks that are out there. It has everything from games to videos and touches on everything in between. You can talk to you friends, post on their walls, send private messages, play games, check-up on what is going on with your favorite products & companies, and post pictures and videos of everything that is going on with your life.


Twitter is a great way to give short updates to your followers, and to see what is going on with your favorite products, companies, celebrities, friends, and family. Twitter is setup for short statements. You are limited on the amount of characters that you can write, unlike the paragraph long “updates” that you are allowed to leave on Facebook.


LinkedIn is a great networking site with a strong focus on personal job growth networking. LinkedIn has less focus on the “social” aspect and more focus on the “career” aspect. Your profile is built like a resume with job history, recommendations, education, and you can even include a picture and contact information. People are able to search for individuals in specific job fields that may be looking for new job, and the network expands so that if one individual is connected to someone that person would be able to see the fields of the other connections. It is a great way to make business contacts even if you are not looking for a new career, but just looking to expand your client base.

POF-Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a site for individuals that may be looking to make a romantic connection to someone. You create an account, fill out a questionnaire, and you can begin to peruse the available individuals. You can sort by location scale down your search results and begin to look for your soul mate. You are allowed to show interest, flirt, and message individuals for free. There are “premium” options available that can give you a featured profile or simply just allow you more capabilities. It is one of the only online dating sites available that will allow you to connect and converse with others without having to pay for an account and a monthly fee.

Hootsuite for Twitter

Hootsuite is a great app for helping update all of you favorite social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all from one convenient place. It will allow you to post updates, photos, and control your accounts through the app.

Skype for iPad

Skype is one of the most beneficial social networks. It will allow you to instant message, chat, and video message anyone within your network. You no longer have to be in the same room in order to be able to enjoy many of the entertaining aspects that you may miss if you do not live in the same area as some of your loved ones.


Pinterest is one of the most fun social networking apps that are available online. It allows you to share all of your favorite things, get new ideas, and just look for new crafts, recipes, or other categories where you may choose to express your creative edge. You can connect your account with your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and you can create a board for almost anything that you find an interest in trying out.

Author Bio:- Karine Heyden is a professional tech writer with many happy clients. She is native French, graduated English literature from La Sorbonne, Paris. Fluent in both English and French, speak some Serbian, she like books about Vampires and she is a mother of a cute baby. Be sure to check her other passion, it is a site dedicated to simple reminders.

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