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7 Linux Software for Better Online Productivity

In this age of internet and technology, companies that have employees present in different parts of the world working on the same project require online productivity tools that can help the team members in collaborating with each other effectively over the internet. There are a lot of online productivity tools and software programs available in the market and on the internet that can boost up the online productivity of teams collaborating with each other through the internet. For companies that use Linux systems instead of PCs and Macs, here is a list of 7 Linux software for better online productivity.

1# Banckle Online Meeting

Banckle online meeting is a smart software program that allows team members to organize online video and audio conferences and webinars. In addition to this, Banckle online meeting can also help team members to share their desktops, Power Point presentations or even other application with each other too. With this software you can schedule meetings, send invitations to the people attending them and can supervise all the happenings and activities taking place in the meeting. In short, it is safe to say that Banckle online is a great online communication software for Linux users that is capable of boosting up the online productivity of a team.

2# Wormhole Web Conference

Wormhole is another excellent communications software program for teams that want to enhance their online productivity. Wormhole web conference provides users the chance to do video and audio chatting with each other, broadcast live audio and video chats and even grants them the opportunity to do private chat as well. You can stream videos and audios too in such a manner that it would seem as if you and the other people are talking in a room together. You can share videos, documents, desktops and white boards with other members of your team while using this amazing software for Linux users.

3# LiveSein

LiveSein is also a communication and collaboration tool for increasing online productivity for teams using Linux based PCs. LiveSein is different from other collaboration applications in the sense that it provides users the chance to have document-oriented meetings instead of the live conferences. A document-oriented meeting not only quickens the speed of information transfer, it does it in an economic fashion too. Using the LiveSein platform, the attendees of a meeting can watch in real-time the actions being taken by other members of the team involved in the meeting on their desktops. Besides this, LiveSein provides improved security features and many other useful collaborating tools for organizing live meetings as well.


AVIDO is one of the most complete and easiest to use communication and collaborating tool for Linux users that can really amp up the online productivity of a team. All the usual traits of an online communication and collaboration software package like video and audio conferencing, document sharing, chatting, video streaming and online meeting scheduling are present in AVIDO. In addition to these, this application also allows users to create real-time polls and Question and Answer sessions. AVIDO provides its users the chance to use its huge language store to translate the chat in their language in real-time by using the Auto Translate option. The provision of all these amazing tools makes AVIDO a truly all-in-one collaboration suite for all your communication challenges.

5# Mikogo

Mikogo is a cross-platform communications and collaboration tool for teams that have members located in different parts of the world. Being a cross-platform tool, it allows team members using other platforms such as Windows, Android or Mac OS X to communicate with each other easily. Another important feature of this online productivity tool is that it has a multi-lingual interface that allows users to change the language of the software to 35 different languages. This feature of the software helps those team members that are fluent only in their native language and can communicate better in it with the other members.

6# Yuuguu

Yuuguu is another fun to use document sharing and web conferencing tool that can help you in organizing team meetings of up to 30 individuals. Yuuguu provides users the chance to show their conference participants their desktop screen in real-time. What is most amazing is that the other participants do not need to have the application installed on their machines to view your screen. They can see your screen on their browsers.  Yuuguu also provides a calendar integration feature, which makes the task of scheduling meetings a much easier one.

7# OMNI 11 Forex Binary Option Systems 1

The OMNI 11 Forex Binary Option Systems 1 is a Linux supported binary options trading software program that allows users to monitor options that have been making the headlines in the market. With this amazing software, you can do binary options trading in a much more successful manner.

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  • Prasanta Shee

    April 14, 2017, 2:32 pm

    You can also add on premise R-HUB web video conferencing servers in the above list. It works on all platforms viz, Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix etc.

  • how to trade binary options

    March 28, 2013, 3:30 pm

    I ignored that there is a Linux supported binary options trading software program, thnaks for this great article.


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