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7 Crucial Travel Applications For Android

Travel applications for Android combine long distance route planning with the ability to improve your daily commute. The best apps are able to check for hotels, inform you about nearby restaurants and deals, while also mapping out routes via detailed maps. Others can significantly improve the process of compiling expense reports for business trips, as well as providing a one stop way of bringing together photographs and itineraries from trips. These apps, which range from Hotels Near Me to Expensify, are listed below:

1 – Hotels Near Me

This app checks an extensive database of hotels in an area for the best rates and discounts, and provides galleries of rooms and useful links. Bookings can be made from phones, and receipts can be stored via the app as a fast and easy way to compile all of your accommodation information through a single program. Can also be used to document expenses charges and price comparisons.

2 – Where

A multitasking app, Where checks for all listings and recommended restaurants and  shops in a local area. Where can provide restaurant recommendations, traffic updates and newsflashes from local websites, as well as specific listings of favourite destinations.Recommended for being a one stop local area app.

3 – Google Maps

Still the leading GPS and navigation app, Google Map’s detailed mapping, voice recognition, and ability to be used in offline mode makes it one of the premier apps available for Android, and one that receives regular updates.

4 – TripIt

Similarly essential is TripIt, which allows you to collect together your travel plans into an app that stores hotel information, email confirmations of flights and itineraries. The app will provide updates on gate changes, as well as confirmations of bookings and receipts. With everything running through the same service, TripIt can be used to make any journey much easier.

5 – Google Goggles

An app that uses image recognition to provide you with data on your surroundings, Google Goggles can be pointed at an object, and can try to match it up with online information. This might work for a painting, an advertisement, or a distinctive building. While still in phone form, Google Goggles should eventually be linked up to augmented reality glasses for even more detailed, real time information on your surroundings.

6 – Trip Journal

A great way to make a record of your journey, Trip Journal can be used to store travel itineraries, and match them up to map records. Photographs can be added to these routes, as well as notes and journal entries, making it easier to create a travel archive. Also ideal for matching up to social networks via photo tagging and mapping.

7 – Expensify

An ideal app for business travellers, Expensify logs receipts and allows you budget for a trip and claim back on expenses. The app tracks different expenses through an easy to use interface, and by scanning and logging receipts means that you don’t necessarily have to keep a stack of paper documents for processing when you get back from your trip.

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