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7 Best Applications For Mac OS X

Over the past 2 years I have been testing every interesting application available for Mac OS X. To be honest, in my opinion most of them did not meet user requirements but there are quite good ones too. Here I will share 5 of my favorite applications which I use on my personal Mac OS X.


Airplay is a very interesting feature, to play content from iPhone or iPod in your television. Through Reflection we now have the same function on your Mac, with this application we can enjoy the multimedia content and games of our IOS devices on the screen of any Mac. This also helps to capture screen of your IOS device and you can save it as a video file or whatever. This also comes with password protection feature.

Hazel 3

Hazel helps us to organize our Mac automatically. The program resides in our menu bar and run scheduled actions when a new file reaches a particular folder. We could say that would be a mix of Folder Actions and Automator, allowing even execute AppleScript easily.

Lock your screen

By this application the screensaver can block access to your computer with password options. It is more advanced and fun. This application allows you to choose different ways to unlock the computer, from the typical pattern of dots password, probably the Android style.


Droplr allows us to share web addresses, pictures or text just by dragging its icon in the menu bar. Automatically, the content is uploaded to their servers and a short link copied to the clipboard. The greatest advantage is that , this application is free of cost.


Another well known application in the Mac world, CCleaner is a great tool that helps us optimize the system, besides giving a general cleaning. Also we don’t have to pay anything to get this application. So certainly it will be an asset for your OS.


Working on OS X is really easy, but if we also take a quick glance all the shortcuts available, the better. CheatSheet is our chop virtual to see all that we can use shortcuts in the Mac operating system to export documents, convert tracks of audio / video, etc.. All those combinations that are not as common and difficult to remember. Furthermore, by keeping down the cmd (command), a window will pop with background where all the shortcuts are printed!

Sketch book pro

Using this application you can make pictures on your Mac OS x professionally. This app has got all features like photoshop does. We must say that this is a good competitor for adobe photoshop. Certainly it will be a good option for graphic designers.  This can be your ultimate option for painting and drawing. Also its new versions supports retina displays too.

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