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7 Apps That Will Turn Your Web Cam into a Security Camera

Being able to monitor various areas of the home or workplace can provide the homeowner or business owner with a significantly higher level of safety and confidence. Security systems have increased in popularity, and technological advances have provided a wider range of affordable methods for achieving surveillance goals. One example of this is the ability to use apps in order to turn your web cam into a security camera. Below are seven examples of these types of apps:

Active WebCam can both record and broadcast footage from multiple cameras. It also includes a motion detection feature that, when triggered, can be programmed to activate an alarm, email recorded images, or begin recording or broadcasting.

Ugolog is another online monitoring app that is compatible with web cams. It has a simple setup and can be used with more than one camera. It also provides the option of recording based on motion detection or in preset intervals.

EvoCam, which was recently redesigned, is a good choice for Mac users. It is compatible with Mac OSX and can also be used with the iPod, iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. EvoCam features motion detection and is compatible with both Safari 6 and Google Chrome.

WebCam Monitor is one of the most popular apps available. It supports multiple cameras, and for consumers concerned with storing unnecessary files on their computers, it also has an auto-delete setting that can be programmed to delete footage every day, week, etc.

CamUniversal supports an unlimited number of cameras and has a motion detector feature. This app also includes a scheduler, which allows video to be captured at specific times for designated intervals. In addition, it allows video footage to be time-stamped.

WebCam Zone Trigger can provide identification by matching new images with archived images. It also includes a pop-up, in which an image appears on the screen whenever activity is detected.

Mobiola WebCamera can be used with many popular cell phones including the iPhone, Blackberry, and the Nokia Symbian. It has a webcam PC driver that can receive video from many sources including Skype, Yahoo!, and YouTube.

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