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7 Apps for Google Glass, Everybody Wants Them To Come First

Google Glass is an exceptional technology through which you can use internet right in front of you eyes whether you are in kitchen or abandoned in a desert (only if it can catch signals :p). The great gadget hasn’t been supplied to consumers yet, but it has now been transferred to those who registered through Google I/O conference almost a year back. Though, software developers will develop lot of apps, but there are few apps, which are likely to come first. We will talk about seven most favorite apps, which will make Google Glass even more interactive; so, lets rock:

Google Glass

1. Gmail:

Nothing can be better than bringing Gmail app to Google glass. Gmail has now become the most popular mailing system and almost everyone uses it. So, bringing this app to Google Glass would be a great step and will help the users in having emails right in front of their eyes.

2. Instagram:

Instagram is more interactive for those who like to take pictures and are kind of photo-sharing addicts. This means that Google Glass must bring something good regarding photography and right now, Instagram would be the best option.

3. Twitter:

Twitter is one of those apps that are present on almost all the platforms and it must be introduced for Google Glass as well. The news is that it will surely be on its way because a Twitter mobile engineering manager shared a photo and used the hashtag #throughglass, which surely gives users an idea that the app is ready.

4. Facebook:

It would be so exciting if Facebook is set to be launched for Google Glass. But this time, Facebook should bring much more than just social networking. Like face recognition feature through which you can know about everyone you meet even if he or she is just your acquaintance.

5. Sky Sports:

Oh well, the most important app for sports lovers, this would be. Obviously, everyone has at least a little interest in sports and if you are a sports fanatic then the story is completely change. Besides live scores, the app might be providing TV service through broadcasting so you can watch it live.

6. The Weather Channel:

The most interesting thing about Google Glass is that it has been made so you can travel with internet connection anywhere. In these conditions, you would probably need an app that could update you about weather. The Weather Channel app would be a great addition as it will provide weather maps along with some additional information about weather.

7. H&M

Google Glass must have an app for shopaholics as well. And H&M and brands like H&M should start working on this great idea. With Google Glass, they can bring much more. Like you enter your height, arms length and it can provide a person of exact size wearing it. Then you like it and order it. This is how it can go if shopping is intended to be made more interactive with Google Glass.

Final Words:

So, for developers here is a great chance to promote their apps. But this time it is up to them how they keep Google Glass’s features in mind while designing their apps for this gadget.

Author Bio:- Lisa Smith has a journalism degree from NYU and is the leading writing for Kanetix.ca, an instant insurance quote marketplace. If you had a New Years resolution you can keep, make sure to visit Kanetix.ca. You can connect with Lisa Smith on Google+ 

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  • Leandro

    May 7, 2013, 3:53 pm

    Wow, it seems like a dream is becoming concrete! Thanks google!


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