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6 Tips How to sell your Blog Successfully

Bloggers are always passionate about their writing, their blogs and the reputation they have built up with their blog, and selling the same would be hard for the blogger, except when they are getting some great deal for it. There are frequently many news heard about blogs being sold at thousands of dollars and many a times they don’t earn the value for which they are sold, still there are many factors behind the same sale. Here are a few different ways on how you could make your blog sale successful, only if you have planned to sell it off due to one of the many reasons a blogger user has!


Establish trust with the readers

When you are totally into blogging, you very well understand that every reader of yours is important as they are the ones who would take the level and readership of your blog to the next level. You need to slowly build a reputation and trust among your readers, in such a way that even if the owner of the blog changes with time, the readers shouldn’t feel mislead or leave the blog when they find out about the acquisition of the blog by a new owner.

The numbers of subscribers, the fraction of returning visitors to the blog are all the factors that the blog buyers would ask, because they would want to know what amount of old traffic is expecting the same quality of content and updates that the previous owner used to post. Establishing trust with the readers would give the future owner a trust that they are not going to get something to start almost from a scratch.

Consistency in earnings

There are rarely a few situations where the buyers would rely on just your previous month earnings to purchase the blog. Usually its the past 6 months to 1 year of income averaged to see how well the blog is doing in the past.
Try to maintain the earnings at the same level as they did in the past, or be ready with some real explanation on what happened if the earnings went down in an alarming way.

Try to popularize your sale

When you are selling something, trying to keep it spread well around, except when there is a private deal being made. Only a few buyers would want you to keep the sale private, and even would ask you not to announce to your readers that the owner has been changed. But, when you are openly selling the blog on the public auction areas, keep it featured if you can and this even would bring in a few subscriptions who would keep lurking in, to find out who and for how much, acquired the blog.

If you are selling your blog on a forum, try to (not spam) post about the sale on various forums where people are generally interested in blog selling and buying. When you are expecting thousands of dollars from the sale of your blog, it wouldn’t harm much if you are spending a few in promotion of the sale.

Give commitments for near future

When you are selling your blog, it doesn’t always mean that you have to do nothing once the sale is done. Many a times what impresses the buyer is your commitments to them that you would continue working on the blog for a few months (at least a couple) so that the blog is kept active in the same way, and the readers don’t feel coming at the wrong place suddenly. And while continuing to work, you would explain the various aspects of what all would work for the blog to receive good number of visitors.

When you have the quality, flaunt it

When you are selling one of the best properties of yours on the web, you shouldn’t try to sell it by setting low limits. What we see is that a few serious bloggers who expect five-figure sale price for their blog, try to sell it in an auction with the start price kept very low. This would attract many people who would start the bidding process but it won’t run for long and those who had bid initially won’t take it to the highest level which the blogger expected. Try to maintain a big name and price, and it can pull in some serious buyers who are really interested to check out and purchase, not taking only the base price into consideration.

Where can I sell my blog?

Selling a blog at some place where there are no much interested buyers would just reduce your interest in selling or make you think whether the blog is worth the price you are expecting. Try to sell it at some reputed places where serious buyers keep purchasing and bidding on the websites. The best places that we would suggest for selling a website is the webmaster forums like Digitalpoint Forums, where the Buy and Sell section has got a all-day inflow of traffic and buyers / sellers.

A very serious and trustworthy marketplace to sell your blog is Flippa, where you see many buyers purchasing websites and blogs of various niches and price levels. But, only some quality stuff is sold and bought here.

Author Bio:- Chetan Bhawani is a tech blogger, a web hosting analyzer who reviews the various web hosting services, one of them being the justhost reviews and gives all the hosting answers to people who want to learn more and decide on which would be the best hosting company to choose.

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