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6 Things You Need do While Getting Started on Pinterest

There are few situations which arises quite often in case of pinterest like someone may say I heard about pinterest but don’t know actually what it is? Or some may say yes I do know about it but don’t know how to get it started. And some cases are there where people joined it after suggestions from others but haven’t done anything with it.

But before getting started with pinterest you must know something about it like what is pinterest all about, how to get it started? How to get around it?

After you find solutions of above questions, now you are ready to build your presence on pinterest.

Get the names straightened out

Pinterest doesn’t provide official brand pages so it is very important for you to create right user name for the account. Pinterest will provide you two names one for your account and one for username. Only username will be used as your URL name but not be showed in your account. So if you want to set up a business account you need to choose your first name constant and last name contact.

Uploading a picture

Your profile picture needs not to be an art but at least it should be attractive and catchy to catch immediate attentions and which can clearly demonstrate who you really are. For business purpose the solid colours are preferred more on white background of pinterest.

Create a profile capturing your business well

The main focus of pinterest is content curation where people look for content they love and share so tell them who you are what they do and why to follow only you.

Connecting to the right social networks

What unique about pinterest is that it lets you connect with other social networking sites. If you sign in from either Twitter or Facebook an icon will appear which will guide your followers to those networks.

But it will come as a personal profile but not as a brand page. So be careful that your profile is not too much personal.

Find similar kind of businesses in pinterest

What strange is you are not the only one being beginner to pinterest. Probably majority of pinterest users will admit they have still to learn. You should look for other business also to get some help for your own. Always reach out for bigger business or ask your own customers or simply navigate through different categories.

Get what you need

It is very difficult if you don’t have the correct tools with you. You are lucky because here you will find certain tools that will help you in improving your success. Install the pin it button to your browser and get a free integration pining content directly to your page from any website.

Being an iPhone user you can download the iphone app of pinterest which will let you to manage your page from your cell phone.

Create your boards

You must create three boards first

Board about the products and services you provide- showcase your business through this board. It’s a great opportunity.

Board which is designed to help- here showcase your expertise based on the nature of your business you provide.

Board just for fun and nothing else- starting at first is little stressful but lighten up yourselves which is the beauty of pinterest to showcase your business and also having fun while you do so.

Author Bio:- This post is written by Jaykrishna Yadav for Designmodo , do visit this blog to win free templates and amazing tutorials.

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    March 19, 2013, 3:57 pm

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