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6 Social Media Trends for 2013

Today, the Social Media addiction has become a tough nut to crack. More Indians, including children, use facebook, making the trend of outlawing. Eating chocolate is an addiction; eating fast food is an addiction. The Facebook has also become a food. Will govt ban these sites or people can make their own choices- social networking or no social networking. Let’s have a sneak peek on the social media trends 2013.

It is not a fad

Facebook and Twitter is not an illusion. It will remain here for a long time. It is an acknowledged fact that the conversation related to sports, culture, politics, etc will be trend on Twitter and Facebook, while the personal conversation will climb up. Google Plus, FourSquare, Pinterest will continue to make a mark in the business, but they won’t become mainstream social networking sites.

Facebook and Twitter will strive to surprise visitors with new roll out and conversations. F Commerce is still to become a reality, yet we are heading towards it. There have been talks confirming that soon Facebook will be integrating with Apple iOS and debut of Facebook phone.

Proficient Bloggers will dominate the market

In conventional times, people did blogging just for the heck of it. However, in the last decade or so there has been a positive development.The professional bloggers are grappling the market seriously. The writers now do an extensive research and blast their thoughts on the current topic and in turn they earn euphoric returns.

The glorious days of personal blogging has become a matter of past. Now, it has been substituted by facebook and Twitter. The bloggers who are talking about automobile industry, fashion industry, cooking, and technology are in a rage.

Mobile apps-people will rush to it

With the advent of iPad5 and smartphones like Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, phablets (tablets cum smartphone), more and more people are gearing towards downloading interesting apps.

Additionally, if the people have spent an exorbitant amount on the smartphones then the need to download these apps surges. Mobile phones are deemed to be good enough substitute for tablets and laptops because they come at a much cheaper rate and provide delightful experience. People will go for a bolder budget friendly smartphone that provides them cutting edge apps. This area is likely to blossom.

Apps are going to be exhilarating and inventive. For instance, Instagram has penetrated 80 million users in July and soon it will become a rage. So, we can safely assume that mobile culture will dominate the market.

Forums will rev up

Online Forums is not a matter of yesteryears. The research can be painstakingly slow exercise in absence of it. Unfazed by the fact that Facebook and Twitter will connect you with your friends, family and relatives, while the forums will connect you with the like minded people. If you are someone who spends hour or two everyday on the internet, you will easily understand the importance of forums.

Forums are the deal breaker and with it, you can end up sharing your experience with friends or giving reviews on a particular product.

The strategies will refine

Brands will continue to spell disaster on each other through this platform. Eventually, only good internet marketing campaign can help you to stand out. With the sync of social media with marketing and communication campaign more organizations will seek help of social media for business planning, recruitment and communications.

The strategies will be fine tuned and will be able to generate a huge amount of revenue for the investors. For brands it won’t be only a medium or platform to generate awareness about their product; instead they will extensively research on analytics and demographics.


With the advent of social networking sites, the people have started accepting brands in their true sense. The old façade of perfectionism has undergone a sea change. Brands are making a conscious attempt to disclose their faults. The catch is that- the organization should be able to display morsels of blunders with a wrap of polish.

Thus, social media has become a trend. If you are not opting, you’ll stand to be at risk. It is therefore recommended to create a strong profile on Facebook and Twitter.

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