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6 Simple Tips to Ensure Complete Security of Your Smartphone

This is a modern era where smartphones and tablets are replacing PCs and laptops. Smartphones are more than just communication devices and are used as mini-computers. You use them to pay your bills, place orders, chat, play games and many other activities. Due to the huge popularity of smartphones among workers and consumers, the focus of cyber criminals has also shifted from computer hacking to smartphone hacking. If you have a smartphone, then you very well know exactly what is at stack if your phone is hacked.

Smartphone Security Tips

It’s not just the hackers who pose a threat to your phone, unauthorized network access attacks, and malware in the form of worms and viruses are equally bad. Since smartphones are like mini computers, the precautions you apply to protect your desktop also can be used to secure your smartphones. Complete smartphone security lies in protecting the data, device as well as the applications.

Following are some useful tips which you can employ to ensure the security of your smartphone.

1) Set a security lock

It is always advisable to lock the screen of your smartphone by some pin code because it is the first line of defence. It stops the unworthy users to access the sensitive data stored in your phone instantaneously. While selecting a pin code, do not go for simple combinations. Set an auto destruct policy on your smartphone, that if a hacker tries wrong passwords more than 8 times, it freezes the phones and/or deletes your sensitive data.

2) Enable remote devices

There are a lot of remote phone services available. Just enable the right one for you. These remote services allow you to know the specific location of your cell phone which can be very handy if you mislay or lose your phone. They include remote tracker, GPS location, remote wipe and many others. Though enabling of these services require some money but this money is always worth the investment.

3) Don’t download every application

DroidDream, which is a famous malicious application, has infected a large number of android phones. So, download applications from authentic and reliable developers. Try to install applications from vetted platforms such as App Store, Ovi and Google’s Android Marketplace. Go for the applications that have large number of reviews or comments.

4) Turn off Bluetooth after using

Bluetooth sometimes makes internet browsing troublesome. Hackers know all the tricks and tactics and can easily manipulate your smartphone by using Bluetooth. Distance of 10 to 15 metres is not a big deal for the hackers because they just need hacking software on their mobile phone or laptop and an intelligent mind to deceive you. So don’t leave your Bluetooth on or in discoverable mode and never forget to switch it off when it is not in use.

5) Download antivirus program

Download a good antivirus program because it eliminates malicious software. The chances of malware attacks are now more due to payment of bills and online banking conducted through cell phones. Many companies now offer antivirus suites that are especially designed to protect smartphones. Moreover, always scan each and every file before you run it on your smartphone.

6) Create a data back up

If the data stored in your mobile is sensitive, you should better store it somewhere else too so that if your phone is hacked, you would be able to restore it. Now taking backup data from smartphones is fairly simple. You can easily restore your information via air syncing and updates. If in case you loose your smartphone or your data, you can restore it all in less than thirty minutes.

Author Bio:- Susan Smith is a B2B wholesale trade and B2B marketing expert. She writes frequently on the topics related to wholesalers, wholesale distributors and trade suppliers.