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6 Must Use WordPress Plugins of 2012

The popularity of the WordPress as a very prominent blogging platform and Content Management System for a large majority of people for sharing their thoughts with the world can never be debated at all. If you want to spruce up your WordPress blog for the purpose of increasing functionality and attracting visitors, then you can do it so by installing best WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins, no doubt, helps you to optimize the performance of your blog, but the problem that pops out here is that there are extensive choices of WordPress plugins for the people and it becomes extremely difficult for the people to use the best ones for their blog. To ease out this particular problem of the people, here is a rundown of the 6 must use WordPress Plugins of 2012:

Digg Digg: With the help of this particular plugin, you can share the content with the friends in your social network in a hassle free manner.

Hello Bar: By installing a Hello Bar WordPress plugin, you can set up a bar right at the top of your article where you can write some content for the main purpose of promotion that can be anything such as products, events, etc.

WP Touch: It is a very important plugin that must be an essential part of your blog. It helps you to convert your WordPress Blog into a mobile friendly website.

W3 Total Cache: If your blog is taking a huge amount of time to load in the search engines, then you can solve this problem by installing W3 total cache plugin that caches all the essential features of the blog such as page, database, browser, etc resulting in improved server performance.

All in One SEO Pack: All in one SEO pack is one of the most downloaded and sought after WordPress plugin. This plugin automatically creates the meta tags, descriptions, etc that helps your blog get indexed in the search engines.

Google XML Sitemap: This plugin creates a XML sitemap that helps the search engines to locate pages in your blog.

There you have it. By installing the above mentioned prominent plugins, you can surely get the most out of your blog in the form of increased visibility and visitors.

Author Bio:- Joy Mali is an active bloggers working with a renowned firm known for website design Sydney. She loves to share informative words on subjects like web design, development and wordpress customization services. This post is an outcome of her elaborate research and analysis which is of great help to all the web design experts.

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