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6 Must-Have Apps & Devices to Get in Shape & Stay Healthy

Apps to stay Healthy

Let’s face it: we could all stand to be a little healthier. Setting aside the vicissitudes of the genetic lottery and the unavoidable demands of our daily routines, most Americans can find some room for healthy improvement — even if it’s an extra 20-minute exercise session each week, or subtle dietary changes based on the latest medical evidence.

Technology plays a crucial role in our efforts to get and stay healthy. These six must-have apps and devices all treat particular aspects of human health and well-being. All have a place in your home — or on your smartphone.

1:- Fitness Goal Apps

Reaching fitness goals is very often a matter of motivation. When support from friends and family isn’t enough to get you back on the fitness stick, look to fitness goal apps like Couch to 5K, a wildly popular smartphone app that provides a realistic path for fitness-allergic folks to get fit enough to finish a 5K run. Couch to 5K is just one of many fitness goal apps, to be clear: if you’re a cyclist or swimmer at heart, adjust your downloads accordingly.

2:- Home Health Alert Systems

By definition, the unexpected happens when we’re least prepared. Reduce the downside risks of an in-home fall or medical emergency by checking out the best medical alert system options on the market and choosing the product that fits your home, lifestyle, and personal needs. A quality medical alert system won’t on its own stop health setbacks, but it can certainly forestall preventable tragedies.

3:- Personal Fitness Trackers

You’ve probably heard of Fitbit. That’s just one of many personal fitness tracker options out there. As the market becomes more saturated, it’s tempting to view fitness trackers as something of a commodity. That would be a mistake: there’s a lot of variety in this space, which means there’s plenty of room for you to choose the perfect match for your exercise habits.

4:- Sleep Monitoring Systems

We spend something like one-third of our lives asleep. Might as well know what’s going on in dreamworld, right? The best sleep apps on the market provide visibility into this most mysterious plane of consciousness. No, they can’t explain why you keep having that weird recurring dream, but they can confirm that you’re getting healthy sleep — and offer some hints to improve your sleep patterns.

5:- Personal Medical Diaries

Sick of missing appointments, forgetting to fill prescriptions, failing to remember that one thing you wanted to tell your doctor?

Free medical diary apps like CareZone can help. While they can’t force you to take your meds or drive you to the clinic, they can do just about everything else. One of the best features of a full-spectrum medical diary is the diary aspect: you can confidentially, securely enter health information and observations that’ll surely come in handy at your next provider visit.

6:- On-Demand Medical Care Apps

Can’t make it to the clinic or ER? Don’t believe your concern is emergent? Use an on-demand medical care app to connect with a licensed provider in real- or near-real-time. You’ll have to pay for the service, of course, but the out-of-pocket expense pales in comparison to the cost of a clinic or hospital visit.

Build Your Personal Healthtech Ecosystem

Building your personal health ecosystem starts with a trip to the (virtual) store. Many of these apps and devices are free; the others are reasonably priced, especially considering what you get for your money. Better health, fitness and well-being are just a few clicks away.

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