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6 Mobile Social Media Marketing Ideas to Engage Audiences

More and more news articles and blog posts emphasize the importance of mobile social media marketing. With 751 million monthly active users accessing Facebook via mobile, it’s hard to ignore the influence of mobile social media activity. Even if reaching out to Facebook’s 751 million monthly mobile users is impossible, even a small fraction of that audience base is still a lot.

Your prospects and customers are on their smartphones and tablets. If you haven’t fully integrated mobile marketing into your brand, here are 6 ideas to get the ball rolling on your mobile social media campaign.

Mobile Social Media Marketing

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1. Boost your brand on Instagram

Many marketers dismiss Instagram as nothing but a photo sharing app for youngsters’ personal use, but with a 100 million user base, it’s hard to disregard the app’s potential as a marketing platform. Here are tips for building your brand through Instagram:

  • Connect your Instagram with your Facebook. Twenty percent of Instagram users tie their accounts with the social network. When your friends see your Instagram posts, they’ll notice your photos and follow you on there as well.
  • Use popular tags. Remember that the popularity of tags can change, so be updated about what’s hot and what’s not. Only use hashtags that are related to your photo; otherwise, your posts will quickly be regarded as spam. Some of the most popular tags are #love, #instagood, #me, #tbt, #cute, #photooftheday, #instamood, #beautiful, #picoftheday, and #igers.
  • Insert just three to five hashtags because overusing them can make posts look spammy.
  • Use popular filters. Many users prefer photos with specific filters. The top filters are: Normal, Earlybird, X-Proll, Hefe, Rise, Valencia, Amaro and Brannan.
  • Give likes. Instagram users love receiving comments and likes, even from people outside of their network. Giving likes is a great way to spread goodwill, and most of the time they will like back. That means if you like hundreds of photos from people outside of your direct network, your comments and likes will come from people you’re not following.
  • Show off and make it personal. Instagram photos with the most engagement are those that are personal or display a lifestyle, such as homes, cars, family, etc. Photos without these elements are less likely to be of interest.

2. Update your Facebook design and business information

Facebook released a new layout for mobile pages last April to allow a smoother mobile experience for users. The Like, Message, Share, and Report buttons as well as the location and business description are now placed right below the cover photo to accommodate the small screen of mobile phones. This setup also eliminates the necessity of scrolling down just to find vital information about a business.

Instead of the thumbnail only partially covering the header, it is now overlaying the left side of the cover photo.


What all these layout changes mean is that:

  • Your profile picture and header should complement each other visually. Change your cover photo if some words or an important part of the image is obstructed by the thumbnail.
  • Business information such as address and contact numbers should be updated. By filling out the phone number and location fields of your business fan page, visitors can easily call you from their mobile phone and calculate the distance between your address and their location.

3. Post more pictures on Facebook

Visual content has higher engagement compared to regular text updates. Research from marketing service company HubSpot revealed that photos get 53% more likes and 104% more comments than ordinary posts.

Don’t post just any picture and plaster a block of text to it. Mobile devices have small screens and people usually skip posts with too many words. Keep captions short and sweet.

Videos also promote better engagement–they’re shared 12 times more than text posts and links, according to global communications company M Booth.

4. Take advantage of Twitter’s real-time opportunities and consumer behavior

Twitter Real Time

Twitter provides amazing opportunities to engage audiences, especially when your target consumers include tech-savvy, always-connected, social media obsessed individuals. Still, not a lot of brands have dug deep enough to make the most of the micro-blogging platform.

Follow these tips to fully implement twitter in your social media marketing:

  • Make sure content you share is mobile-friendly and shareable. If you tweet links and direct followers to your website, take them to mobile-ready pages. Otherwise, they’ll quickly get out of the website ill-suited for mobile.
  • Twitter is an extension of your customer service. You’re not using the social network to its full potential if you only use it to broadcast messages. Many users go on Twitter to inquire, say something about a brand, or rant about it. By responding to customers on their own terms in real-time, you can gain customer loyalty because it shows you provide customer care fast. Constantly monitor your brand by tracking it in Twitter Search.
  • Automated doesn’t always mean optimal tweets. While scheduling tweets to publish them automatically at pre-specified times allows you to catch followers during peak hours, it’s not good for engaging and replying to resulting conversations. It may be useful if you’re just starting to build a follower base, but it could compromise your brand if you have hundreds or thousands of followers actively responding to your every tweet. This is another reason why businesses should start mobile marketing – you can respond to customer and prospects even while on the go.

5. Stay connected with the LinkedIn mobile app

LinkedIn’s mobile app features a streamlined version of LinkedIn for desktop. You have access to all the social media site’s important features, such as your profile, notifications, updates, groups, and messages.

Go to the LinkedIn home page and tap your profile photo to know who has visited your profile. If someone has viewed your profile, that could mean people are interested in networking or hearing from you.

The mobile app’s push notifications and messages feature lets you stay in touch with LinkedIn connections wherever you may be.

These five ways to engage audiences on mobile are just the beginning. The mobile web revolution will change the way businesses target their prospects. It probably won’t be long until majority of business prospects connect to brands on their mobile device.

Mary McLean is a blogger for Philippine-based outsourcing provider SquareFish Inc. She has been working actively with the company to develop its content and Internet marketing strategies. Mary blogs about SEO, content creation, social media, and some of the latest IT-related topics. You can find her on

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  • Terungwa

    June 17, 2013, 4:35 pm

    Bilal, thanks for the info. I definitely underestimate a lot – Instagram being my chief neglect. I hope incorporating social media will reposition my blog, where it belongs!


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