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6 Incredible Apps for Smartphone Photo Editing

You need not visit photo processing shop just to have your photos edited. It is because nowadays photo editing is made easier anytime and anywhere you want right on your mobile phone. Altering photos through your phone is made possible by using Adobe. As long as your mobile has a photo editing app you can level up your photo editing experience.

Different mobile photo editing tools

  1. Camera+ – This app is designed for taking photos as well as editing them. It features built0in stabilizer, editing tools and effects that give your pictures perfect finish touch and built-in borders. Using this app gives you the opportunity to share the finished pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.
  2. PicsPlay Pro – FX Photo Editor – Android features this app with almost 200 professional presets. The app has built-in themes that include Blur, HDR, Black and White as well as Vinatge. The real-time opacity control allows photo customization that fits your personal preference.
  3. Pixlr-O-Matic – This photo editing app offers 200 different borders, 280 overlays and 100 effects. In this way the user can customize the pictures easily and quickly.
  4. PicSay Pro – It is available in Android that offers different photo editing features like straighten and cropping of photos, removing red eye and adding special effects such as adding word balloons to the pictures.
  5. Filterstorm – This app can support five layers simultaneously and allows image adjustments through gradient, brush, vignette, opacity and color range. You can also adjust the contrast/brightness of the photo, exposure, temperature and saturation.
  6. Photoshop Express – If your mobile phone has Adobe Photoshop Express you can easily edit your photos. Likewise, you can also apply effects, borders and filters to your prints.

Advantages of using mobile photo editing apps

Nowadays, most Smartphones have built-in cameras that allow taking pictures and editing as well. Editing the photos allows improving the quality of the pictures before sharing it with others without using your computer. In addition, some apps add other features such as speech bubbles to the object.

Features of photo editing tools

  1. Cool editing techniques – Choose app that allows not only modifying colors but also filtering the photos and changing the effects.
  2. Online photo sharing – A good photo editing program should allow uploading and sharing of edited photos from your mobile phone.
  3. User-friendly interface – Photo editing should be user-friendly in terms of tapping, rotating and dragging specific buttons on your mobile phone.

How to find the right mobile photo editing program

If you want to obtain the right photo editing program, the first thing to do is to have a mobile device that offers useful photo editing apps. This means that before purchasing Smartphones or iPhones you should first check the features so that you will know if it will satisfy your needs and preference.

Therefore, obtaining perfect photo editing depends on the apps available on your phone. Usually, mobile phones that have different apps are more expensive. However, the cost of the phone values your money as you can enjoy not only taking pictures but also editing as well.

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  • Jana

    July 20, 2016, 3:15 pm

    Thank you for a comprehensive list of all the useful apps. I would add to this list and possibly in the position number one, PicsArt mobile photo editor. Those who hasn’t this app on their mobiles, I can say, guys, you are missing the best in photo editing. With PicsArt everyone is creative and everyone is an artist. Go with it and explore the free and multi-featured editor number one today.


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