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6 Helpful Tips to Create One Page Websites

One page websites that are designed for a specific purpose can be a very effective tool. These websites are typically used as information and contact pages by designers, sample design work by agencies and information pages by companies that have just one product or service to sell. These websites are meant to take your breath away by the way they convey the information. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting the most out of your one page website.


It is extremely important for your one page website to be focused on the message that you want to convey. Keep the language plain and easy to understand. Do not try to clutter the page with a lot of text. Do not build a page that requires you to scroll down forever to see more information. If such information is essential to your website, you might be better off building a more traditional website. The idea is to cut away unnecessary information and get to the point quick.


This is possibly the single most important thing for you to control in your one page website. A unique layout will catch the visitor’s attention. Visual hierarchy is very important in conveying the right information. Choose fonts and colors that are easy on the eye and do not clash in the overall design. A lot of one page websites make use of a single paragraph in large font to get the point across. This is a great way to drag the attention of the visitor to what’s important on the site.


As far as possible, do not include unnecessary animation on your website. This impacts the loading time and may drive away the user. If you do use animation, make it light and interactive. Use it to support the website’s navigation options. The right animation will help showcase your design skills especially if you are using the site as your calling card. Including effects that zoom content to the foreground when the mouse is rolled over is a great way to neatly compartmentalize content and show off your animating skills simultaneously.


Make sure that the essential components of your website like contact details are easily accessible. One way of doing this is using the roll-over option to display more text. This is especially useful when you have a page that is designed to sell a product. Mouse roll over effects can showcase pertinent design specifications when the user is interested.


One of the major advantages of a one page website is that you can choose a jaw dropping background as an attention grabber. A lovely photo realistic background that meshes well with the content and the layout will improve your page’s aesthetic appeal.

Build in SEO

You may think that a one page website offers you limited scope for search engine optimization. This is not the case. If SEO is taken into consideration right from the time the website is built, then you will have a good chance of being indexed by search engines. Make sure that your page is back linked to by reaching out to the blogsphere. Take efforts to popularize your website on social media sites. Optimize just a couple of keywords that are in direct relation to the purpose of your website so that nothing is wasted.

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  • firdosh joy

    September 26, 2012, 12:28 am

    I am completely agree with you that One page website is very useful for a specific purpose and the 6 tips you provided in the above article are really very much useful. I like the “Animation point” that we should not use animations unnecessarily and flash in website as it slow down the website.

  • Ashwani Ahlawat

    September 25, 2012, 11:46 pm

    This is really simple and basic to understand. Thanks for sharing this Bilal.


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