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6 Good Practices to Get your Guest Post Accepted

Guest posting is one of the effective way to gain exposure, traffic and quality backlinks for a website or blog. After Penguin update it is now difficult to build natural and quality links and guest posting seems to be the only effective method. However as  a guest blogger you need to follow a few tips to get accepted by the bloggers.

1# Personalize your guest post outreach emails

Guest posting should be more about relationship building than just acquiring links. When reaching out to fellow guest blogs, be sure to personalize your emails and address them by name.  You are more likely to get your articles reviewed if you start trying to build your relationship with your outreach email.

2# Take some time to explore their blog

How annoying is it when your blog is clearly providing information related to a particular niche and a fellow blogger pops an article over that is completely irrelevant to what you have asked for with its sole intention being to promote an affiliate product. Good practice is to research their blog, read a few posts and see the generally quality of articles being published. This will enable you to better pitch possible content ideas to them and will also improve the chances of your article being published. Remember the reward is to have a quality article published on a quality website that points back to your website. The effort and time taken to research and prepare a good article will better your chances of having your article published.

3# Correct grammar and spelling please

Poor grammar and poor use of English are a sure way to have your guest posts declined. It really should be fundamental that when sending a guest post, your spelling and use of grammar should be perfect. In many cases bloggers may not be English speaking and their poor use of grammar could simply be down to that English is not their first language. Good practice is to get your articles proof checked before sending them. In many cases sending a poor article might harm any chances of you getting it published in the future so best to get it right first.

4# Authorship

Authorship is becoming more important as Google looks to associate authorships. Search engines are beginning attribute content to original authors and this can be a great way to establish you as a given authority on a certain subject matter. Blog owners can easily see what other blogs you have posted on and will get a true value of the quality of material that you are publishing. Using a Gravatar can be a good way to prove your authorship. There is no saying that your existing author rank could influence on the page rank of your new content and you can be sure that authorship will be more important in the near future.

5# Provide evidence of published posts

If you have a history of having high quality articles being published on quality blogs then why not provide evidence. This will certainly help with your credibility and will no doubt only enhance the likelihood of having your posts published. If you have taken the time to write great content that has been continually published on websites with quality signals, then why not use this to your advantage. As with authorship, your footprint is important in establishing your writing credentials.

6# Use of authority links

Providing content simply with the purpose of obtaining self serving links is a sure way to have your articles declined. Use of authority links to resources of information, statistics and other sources help to make the article better reading as you have taken the time to provide links to more information. This will show that you have taken the time to research your article effectively and provides better quality signals to the search engines. Wikipedia is a good example of linking to an authority source of information.

Author Bio:- This article was provided to you by Daryal Begley of Magnetize PR. As a leading UK inbound marketing agency, They assist businesses with their online marketing strategy. Their services include social media marketing, SEO, guest posting services, conversion rate optimization and content management.

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  • Rahul Jain

    January 5, 2013, 3:36 pm

    These days, Guest post are in boom, but i think acceptance of Guest Post will be a wise deceion, because it effect our blog as well. I really like your Take some time to explore their blog idea. thanks for sharing these tips.

  • kerry

    January 5, 2013, 12:41 pm

    Bilal you are doing great work, I want to give thumbs up! for this. I am regular reader of you blog and very much like reading your articles. this article is also very much informative for me.
    thanks for it.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      January 5, 2013, 2:07 pm

      Thank you @kerry.

  • Yash

    January 4, 2013, 10:30 pm

    Guest posting is a real good stuff. It gets you good rewards for your articles, like links back to your site. Your blog on guest posting has even made me more aware of writing better and faster for guest post and how to accept guest post on my page.


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