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6 Game-Changing Tools to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

As technology continues to grow faster than we can possibly imagine, the tools necessary to be on the leading edge of the marketing world are essentially endless.

Knowing which tools to use for your marketing strategy is crucial to get and stay ahead of the game, with the upcoming explosion of technological advancements in augmented and virtual reality, voice control, and artificial intelligence.

Here are the 6 game-changing tools that you need to boost your digital marketing efforts for now and for the approaching boom in new consumer technology.

1) Inspectlet – Watch and Learn From Your Website Visitors

In today’s online business world, your website is your baby, since everything there is to know about your company resides within your site. That’s why it’s crucial to know exactly how your users are interacting with your site.

With Inspectlet, you can view heat-maps of your users’ activity and see exactly how they are interacting with your site with session replay software. Unlike similar heatmap and session replay tools, you can use Inspectlet for FREE without having to worry about an expiring trial version.

Session replay lets you watch recorded videos of your user’s browsing sessions. This means you can identify exactly where they’re clicking, what’s catching their eye, and where they’re bouncing.


The heatmaps give you a general overview of where your users are spending their time. Inspectlet offers separate heatmaps for eye-tracking, clicking, and scrolling to get the whole picture.

Another truly invaluable feature is the Conversion Funnels Tool, which lets you define a series of pages that lead to a conversion and see where your lost customers are dropping off.

Other session recording tools that are popular: Hotjar | Mouseflow | Lucky Orange | SessionCam

2) GMass – Send & Track Mass Emails Right In Your Gmail

Use Gmail to send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-up emails. It’s awesome because it lets you connect right to Google Sheets. You can even personalize each email and schedule them so that they drip. The best part is that you can track opens and clicks so that you know the effectiveness of your title and email body.

The best feature however is the that you can set automatic follow-up emails to be sent sequentially until you get a reply. Seems annoying? Not if you have amazing content that adds value!


3) Wrike – Manage Projects and Organize Campaigns

Organization is key to success in your business, especially when it comes to marketing.

Marketing today requires a team with a well-oiled machine to improve productivity, creativity, and coordination. The well-oiled machine that you are looking for is Wrike.

Wrike is an organizational software that brings together all of your team’s tasks and campaigns into one workspace.


With Wrike, you can create detailed reports to track the timeline of a project, effectively balance the workload within your team, and set up workflows to keep everything organized and on time. Additional features include project templates, proofing to get approval from your team, and visual dashboards to analyze important statistics.

Other project management tools that are popular: Workzone | Basecamp | StrikeBase | DaPulse

4) Formstack – Build Forms to Manage Your Information

By now you should know the value of having customers interact with your website. When a potential customer is engaged with your site and is interacting by filling out contact forms or surveys, they are more likely to buy from you because they are an integrative part of the experience.

A simple and effective way to create your own forms and surveys is with Formstack.

Formstack lets anyone build their own forms for their website without having to know how to code. Just drag and drop from the easy to use interface to design forms in minutes.


You should have a customer survey somewhere within your site. Not only can you get feedback from your customers to see where you need to improve, but you can also create reviews from this feedback that will attract new customers. Think about it. When you are debating between two brands for a purchase, what’s the deciding factor? Nine times out of ten, you look at the customer reviews.

In addition to making basic forms, Formstack also has payment processors, approval workflow tools to organize form data, and conditional logic programs to show or hide form questions based on someone’s previous answers.

Other form creation tools that are popular: Wufoo | Canvas | SurveyMonkey | JotForm

5) Canva – Design Your Own Graphics and Documents

Using compelling visuals, whether they are images, gifs, or infographics, is a vital part of a website. Since humans can process images incredibly faster than text, having visuals is important to grab people’s attention and keep them interested.

Canva is a simple graphic design tool that makes it easy to create your own original designs and documents.

With Canva, you can create your own personalized images for your site without having to hire a graphic designer. Simply upload a picture from your computer to edit and add features or use one of the many images in their photo library to make your site stick out like a sore thumb with captivating, original photos designed by you.


Also, Canva offers tutorials and design courses right on their site in case you’re worried about taking responsibility for your own designs.

Other graphic design tools that are popular: GetStencil | PicMonkey | Snappa | Pixlr

6) HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator – Create Blog Ideas and Headlines

Writer’s block is one of the most common issues for bloggers and content marketers, especially when it comes to writing the headline. Without a captivating headline that intrigues readers and gets them to click, your content within that article is not as effective as it can and should be.

Now you can take away the pressure of coming up with the perfect headline or blog post idea with HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

It’s incredibly simple to use. Just fill in the fields with one, two, or three different terms that you want to write about, and the generator comes up with interesting blog topics and headlines for those topics instantly.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

The beauty of this tool is it generates enough prospective titles for a week’s worth of blog posts. And it’s a lot easier to think of your own ideas when you can play with a list of ideas right in front of you.

Other headline generator tools that are popular: Portent’s Content Idea Creator | Content Ideator | TweakYourBiz Title Generator | SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

Digital Marketing is Taking Off!

In this modern digital era, business, technology, and marketing are all combining and growing at immeasurable speeds. The beauty of it all is the numerous awesome tools available for you to use right at your fingertips.

When we live in a world where things move fast, it is crucial to stay ahead of the pack and separate yourself from the competition. These 5 tools will not only help you stay ahead, but will also increase your conversions today and prepare you for the future of digital marketing.

What are your favorite tools and why? Let me know, and I will research them and write an article about them.

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  • Tiffany

    July 5, 2017, 10:55 pm

    I use Canva for work all the time it really helps! Gmass is also something I could see myself in the future. Inspectlet seems very interesting too. I didn’t realize it was possible to know exactly where website visitors were clicking.

  • Kayla

    June 22, 2017, 10:50 pm

    Gmass is a game changer for sure!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    June 19, 2017, 10:37 pm

    Gmass is the best thing to use for mail merge campaigns! It is crazy simple to use and so effective that it is my go to for mass emailing.


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