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6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing can be a great way to keep your customers coming back for more. Although email marketing can be very easy, small mistakes can make it inefficient. Here are some common mistakes that can make email marketing more work than it should be, and less successful than it can be.

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Sending Out Emails Without Permission

The only way for your email marketing to be successful is to make your email mailing list opt in. This is the same as saying that you have permission to send the email to an individual.

Failing to Give a Call to Action

An email without a call to action has no point. Yes, your email should be a reminder to your customers that you exist. That is not enough. Consider a link that your subscribers can follow to receive a special discount. Just make sure that you tell your subscriber what the next step they must take is.

Placing the “good stuff” at The Bottom of Your Email

When you send out an email, make sure that the best you have to offer is at the beginning and the top of your email. Your subscribers are not going to sit through common information to get to the good stuff.

Creating an Email that Does Not Match Your Brand

Always remember that email marketing is as much a part of your marketing strategy as brochures. You would never send out brochures with a color scheme other than your brand color scheme. If you use red and white for your brochure because those are your brand colors, use red and white in your email design.

Sending Out Emails During The Holidays

When people are taking time off for the holidays, they are also taking time off from emails. Email marketing during the holidays does not have a very high success rate. Either send out a holiday special before or after the holidays.

Writing a Sales Pitch Email

An email that sounds like a sales pitch will very soon end up in the spam folder of your subscribers’ mailboxes. Give your subscribers a reason to look forward to your emails. Fill your emails with helpful hints or articles from experts. You can also give special discounts and sales notices to your email subscribers. The more relevant information you give to your subscribers, the more loyal they will be.

Avoiding these common mistakes will lead to a successful email marketing campaign. Take the time with your next campaign to make sure you are not committing any of these errors for a much higher success rate.