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6 Easy Ways to Clean up Your WordPress Blog

WordPress blogs are an important part of the process of blogging. We do a lot of blogging. With some really nice junk images and other stuff also that we never even use. Yes, there are enormous images and videos and other posts that never gets published or used. So, things like these and some extra plugins also that we never use are simply flagged as junk.

Here lets discuss how to clean up that ‘junk’. Its not that hard as it looks.

And yes, you won’t have to check your hosting files and everything else without any reason. You won’t have also to feel worried about checking the load time of all the plugins to know which ones are appropriate and which are not.

Moving ahead…………..

1# Delete revisions

If you are a serious wordpress blogger. You might know that every time you make a post or make change in the already published post. There is another version created of the same. While these can be useful to track how many times a post had been edited or what changes have been made.

You can read this article about post revision management also.

There are many procedures to do this, one of them is the plugin Delete Revisions , While this plugin had not been updated in a long time. This might not be easy to just trust. That plugin might have some issues. So, you can just use this workaround.

You can use this other plugin revision removal.

2# Throw away unused images

Unused images takes a lot of space. Sometimes, you upload the images and then think of moving to some another image. This all stuff takes a lot of space. And not only this, you might find images uploaded multiple times. These are the mistakes that fill up your database.

Here’s what to do. Just use this plugin : Delete Unused Images by Bobhobby.

This plugin locates all the unused images in your directory and file folders. Thus reducing a lot of these unused data on your server. Which of course, none of us likes.

3# A very clean and optimized database

The famous plugin WP Database Manager is a really important factor for clean blogs. It increases the chances of a much cleaner and better Database. It tests and shows you statistics and all the other things about your directory so you can optimize it.

It takes none more than two minutes to do all this stuff. Really cool, huh? Also, its so user friendly that you will do the work without reading any instructions.

4# Check which plugins are slowing down the blog

A lot of dumb plugins sometimes take too much time to call the function and query. And who knows you don’t even need that plugin exactly. So, to get a detailed version log of all the queries and their function callback time. Simply use, Wp Debug Query.

This one requires some information about blogging already to use this plugin. So, try using this only if you understand.

5# Delete Unwanted plugins

A lot of plugins are the one that we just upload, deactivate and forgt. What we don’t pay attention to is that these plugins are still taking the space on your servers. Better to delete these plugins asap. And there are many alternatives to one plugin on WordPress. So, you can delete the plugins and use an alternative to them.

One tip is that you can use the plugin specified above and delete the plugins taking too much time.

6# Delete unused themes

I have noticed with myself that i did install 6 themes at one time. While i was only using one. A better work to do will be deleting all the plugins leaving the 2010 so that it can be used in case of theme failure. Not only me, but most of the users of wordpress do install 6-7 themes to the wordpress directory when there is only need of one. That’s why i suggest to delete all the extra themes.

These were the six tricks to decrease used space on WordPress blogs. And having less load on your part of server is the best  trick and useful to the speed also. Your experience is what teaches you the most. The more you keep using wordpress, the better you get with keeping the database better and cleaned up.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Aman Singh who provides IT outsourcing .

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  • Dragos

    November 27, 2012, 12:16 am


    Cleaning your wordpress site is very important if you want to increase the site speed. This are very important steps that everyone need to do them.
    Cleaning the db and delete the revisions for sure will increase your site speed.



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