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6 Best Car Apps for Android

Before getting to know the 6 Best Car Apps for Android, it is important for you to be fully safe and secure, since you cannot afford to compromise on the issue of safety while driving your prized car. Following are the 6 Best car apps for Android:-

Google Maps

The popularity of Google Maps is indeed the biggest of all and it is no surprise as well, thanks to its electrifying, innovative features which are synonymous with 3D and street-view capabilities. Google Map is indeed a highly important feature for all Android users. The best thing is that it is available on every device. Therefore, you are eased a lot in the process as well.

Street View

Street View as the name indicates indeed compliments Android’s mapping and navigation software that give you the convenience and luxury of looking exactly from basic in terms of street level. It can be better understood with the help of an example, like if you are in search of a restaurant or shop which is indeed difficult to locate from the car, then it work wonders as you just have to bring up an image and hence, you will be eased a lot as well.


It is also one of the essential apps for Android. As this car app benefits you immensely rather than just giving you the way of the direction. You are also able to effectively keep track of the places which you are going to visit. Along with that, you equally have the luxury of choosing from endless number of layouts as well as compass designs too.

Speedview: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView is indeed a sophisticated and advanced speedometer application that helps towards showing the current, maximum as well as average speed along with the direction. Apart from that, it is able to show the total distance which is travelled as well as the duration of your trip. Hence, in short, it gives you a detailed and thorough understanding about the aforesaid things in a complete and detailed way.

Fuel Log – Car Management

Fuel Log is able to track and log your mileage along with effectively working towards fuel consumption, costs of operating car, service visits as well as maintenance status. Thereby, you are going to know the amount needed to operate your vehicle. Hence, in short, all the detailed things are managed in a highly effective and easy interface.

GPS Test

GPS Test is indeed a highly sophisticated application that work wonders by using your phone’s GPS which is assisted by cell as well as wifi networks. It determines your speed as well as elevation and hence acts as the best fun way for the passengers. It is especially quite effective when you are driving through the rough terrain especially on mountains. It helps towards tracking the number of GPS satellites that are in “view” especially as and when you advances through different areas.

Finally, these are the 6 Best Car Apps for Android which are going to ease you in an immense way.

Author Bio:- This is a Guest Post by Rajukumar Jonnala blogger and writes a lot on Car Apps for android.

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  • Ujjwal Prazapati

    January 19, 2013, 10:25 pm

    Thanks for acknowledging me about all apps,
    actually I tried only google map and GPS test and never listen to any other but now i will check out others too


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