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6 Benefits of Using Linear Actuator in Printers, TV and Other Products

Many times, you will find yourself in need for a professional motion product to help you with your printer, TV or any other similar situation. If you are dealing with such an issue, then there’s a way to solve this problem, and this comes in the form of a linear actuator.

What makes the linear actuator stand out is the fact that unlike the pneumatic or hydraulic systems, this type of product does not require any pumps or hoses, instead the operation is performed quickly, seamlessly and in a professional manner. What benefits can you obtain from using linear actuator? Read onward to find out!

Linear Actuator

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Durable construction

The linear actuator is created with durability in mind, because the steel and aluminum combination provides the product with all the strength needed during the operational process.

Low maintenance

A linear actuator doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, mainly because its construction is simpler when compared to the hydraulic and pneumatic tools. Instead, the product includes only a clutch, screw, gearbox and a motor that don’t require even the slightest lubrication. Since there are way less items included in the product, the linear actuator is much easier to maintain and troubleshooting is performed a lot faster as well.

Lower costs

Another great benefit of linear actuators is that they have low costs to begin with. Since they are simple products without that much complexity, the production and thus selling costs are lower when compared to the other systems. In addition to that, the product is easier to operate since it’s less complex. It also requires less energy to work as well, so you can save money in that area as well.


It can be hard to protect yourself against the problems that can appear with the pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, but the linear actuator isn’t prone to any leaks or ruptures that usually appear in the case of those other actuators. Instead, a linear actuator is safer since it’s smaller and less complex than the aforementioned products.

Environment friendly

Since the linear actuator runs of electric energy instead of fuel for example, the product does not create any waste and it’s much cleaner for the environment as well. This leads to a lower environmental footprint and, what’s more important, it’s safe for the employees as well, since it poses less health threats to begin with.

A longer lifetime

Due to the fact that it’s simpler and it requires less maintenance, the linear actuator is a better solution in the long run, and it can be seen as a great investment in the future of your company. The low operational costs and the efficiency that the product provides definitely recommend it as being a solution that adds a lot of value to the company!

In conclusion, using a Linear Actuator provides you with a wide range of benefits, so purchasing one is well worth the investment. If you want a good website to purchase such a product, we recommend you to check out actuatorzone.com, as here you can find a variety of actuators that suit your needs and expectations!

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