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6 Apps for College Students

Six months ago in January, Apple reported that there were over 20,000 educational apps in the company’s store.  Many of these apps are useful for college students, who tend to be the most up to date on technology.  With the abundance of apps available, iPhones and SmartPhones are almost required college supplies.  This article will not help you decide between an iPhone and a SmartPhone, but it will help you find the best apps for college students.


Quizlet is an encyclopedia of flash cards.  It has more than 10 million sets that students can download for free.  There is a set for everyone, from the chemist to the seminarian.  If a student is studying something not found in the 10 million sets, then he or she can make a new set, thus beginning the count to 11 million.  Quizlet also offers a handful of studying methods, but nowhere near 10 million.  Quizlet is available online and on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


iStudiezPro is a time-management app specifically designed for undergraduate and graduate students.  Its functions are divided into five distinct areas: Overview, Planner, Instructions, Assignments and Holidays.  Within these areas, students can manage their class schedules, group study sessions and due dates.  IStudiez Pro also can track a student’s GPA and individual grades.  This app came out in 2009, when it was only available on the iPhone.  Now, it can be used on any Apple device.


Learning is no longer merely listening to lectures.  Classes often include PowerPoint presentations, videos and other media.  InClass helps students adapt to the media-rich learning environment by providing a way of capturing almost any course material.  It can record audio and video, accept text notes and digitalize handouts in jpegs.  These notes can all be shared via FaceBook or iTunes.


One aspect of college is learning how to manage large projects, whether they are academic papers or planning extracurricular events.  IProcrastinate helps college students breakdown major assignments and tasks into manageable lists.  The items in each list can be prioritized, and multiple users can sync their apps together.  IProcrastinate is available online and on the iPhone.  A version for the iPad is coming soon.


Outliner overlaps slightly with inClass and iProcrastinate, but Outliner has some distinctive features.  It is designed to help students take notes, digest books and manage assignments in outline form.  An outline is simple to create, and it can be quickly edited with the editor tool.  Outliner is works on iPads and iPhones.  Through Dropbox, people can share outlines or transfer them from one device to another.

Angry Birds

Every university graduate has sat through at least one boring class.  (Most people who do not graduate do not attend these boring classes).  For those times when college students must enroll in a boring course, Angry Birds is here to help.  It can make any class fun, but try to hold in the emotions.

These apps will help anyone survive college.  They cover every part of the college experience, from studying to time management, even fun.

Author Bio:- Matthew Knapp writes for Seminaries and Bible Colleges, which helps people find the right online seminary.  For more educational apps, visit the University of New Hampshire.

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