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6 Android Apps for Boxers

Boxers can rejoice – on their phones!  Thankfully for boxers, several app developers have taken an interest in boxing apps.  Some of these apps are excellent, but others only mediocre.  Nevertheless, they all accomplish what they claim to do, and they are the best boxing apps currently available for Android devices.

Boxing News

Boxing News is one of the most comprehensive boxing apps.  It helps fans keep up on boxing news, schedules, ratings, odds and matches.  It also helps users find boxing-related blogs and has links to the World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation.

Boxing Watchers

Boxing Watchers does not have the quantity of content that Boxing News has.  Boxing Watchers, however, is better at providing the latest-minute news items and helping users share those stories quickly.  This is perfect for the fan that has to know the new before anyone else.

The Queensbury Rules

The Queensbury Rules brings the rulebook of boxing, the Marquess of Queensberry rules, to Android devices.  Although this app has a news feature, it is not reliable.  This app is best used for its social features and rulebook.

Round Counter

Round Counter keeps tracks of rounds for boxers in a bout.  Users can set the rounds to either 2 or 3 min. and the rest period to 30 sec. or 1 min.  A notification warns boxers of a new round about to start.  The apps’ graphics are extremely basic, but it does stop the timer if a phone call is answered.  This feature is nice during an afternoon workout at the gym.

The Concussion Recognition and Response App

The Concussion Recognition and Response App was developed by two Ph.D. researchers, Dr. Gerard A. Gioia and Dr. Jason Mihalik.  Hopefully boxers never need to use this app; however, concussions are and unfortunate, inherent risk in boxing.  This app helps others determine if a boxer (or any athlete) is suffering from a concussion.  It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, but it can lead people through a quick, five-minute list of signs and symptoms common to concussions.

Boxing Quotes

Boxing Quotes sends users a random quote from a boxer.  These can be humorous, inspiring or historic.  All quotes are written against a visually pleasing background.  This app cannot compete with a graphic-design app, but it has the best graphics of all these apps.

These are six of the best apps available for boxers and boxing fans.  They are all designed to be used on an Android device.  Unfortunately, there are not many apps related to boxing made for Apple products yet.  As boxers download these apps and use them, the increase demand should lead to a wider variety and higher quality of boxing apps.

Author Bio:- This was written by John Tolve of BoxfitUK.com, a company that supplies boxers with equipment.  For more concussion apps, visit this list of apps.

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