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5 Wonderful Tools to Create Infographics

A single picture can substitute for thousands of words. That is what infographics do. They make illustrations easy to understand, when you can show them graphically. They will help communicate visually even the most complex concepts in a simple and lucid way. For marketing companies, infographics help to talk about their products and give prospective customers demonstrations consuming very little time.

Infographics is also ideal for communicating within your organization. They help to discuss projects, sales projection and even future plans. They are also used extensively in websites. You don’t have to be an expert to create infographics, and you even don’t have to be a master at freehand drawing to create them. There are some wonderful readymade tools to achieve all these and more.

Here are 5 wonderful tools that you will find useful to create infographics.


Piktochart is basically a WYSIWYG web-based tool, meaning that you can create your infographics simply by dragging and dropping shapes and pictures. Piktochart comes with 6 free themes and all are decent for most common uses. You can create infographics by adding bar, line, pie charts by linking it to data manually.

If you choose to go for the professional version of Piktochart you will also get access to more themes and greater control over customization. Some level of customization is also available in the free version. However, the free version will contain a watermark. You can save the infographics as PNG or JPG file as you may choose to make it suitable for use on your web pages.


Easelly is ideally suited for those who would like to create a pictorial image of concepts, and for storytelling. It is in its beta stage as of now and is a web-based tool. You will really like the friendly interface and the large number of themes of the tool. You can create maps, process flow in manufacturing and marketing, and for showing relationships. There are large numbers of icons, animals and other objects that you can use intuitively for creating your infographics effectively.

More than 141, 000 visuals have been created using this tool, as of writing this post.


Infogr.am is ideal for creating simple infographics, and this again is web-based. So there isn’t anything that users need to download and install. You will find the interface neat and clean, and intuitive to use. You can create graphs using real data. Options and choices for charts are really wide in Infogr.am – scatter charts, radial bar charts, map charts and bubble charts are some of the cool things to experiment with. An added advantage to Infogr.am is the ability to add videos and images. Another advantage with Infogr.am is you can use your creations to embed them in your website. Though still in its beta stage, you can use it effectively. You will however not be able to download the creations to your local computer. For embedding you will have to provide a link in your web page to what you create at Infogr.am.


If Venn diagrams are important to your organization and website, then you will find Visual.ly immensely useful. If you use social media extensively for marketing your company’s products, you will doubly benefit, because they integrate so well with Twitter and Facebook data. Creating Venn diagrams in Visual.ly is real fun. It has a very friendly interface, though you will not be able to customize anything here. It is plain and simple but utility oriented. There are simply so many visualizations that will leave you pleasantly glued to the site.

Visual.ly will be particularly useful for agencies, brands, organizations and business.


To use Tableau you will have to download their software. There are many free tools that are ideal for creating data visualizations that can be made interactive. This should be of immense help to your website visitors who may want to try out different data. The different types of infographics visualizations that you can create include diagrams to show relations, line graphs, bar charts, and pie chart, and Venn diagrams. However, this software will work only on Windows OS.

The principal users of Tableau are bloggers, journalists, researchers, advocates, professors and students.

Hope my list of tools help you create the best Infographics around. Wish you all the best.

Author Bio:- Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger. She also identifies and writes on various utility websites like the spotify.com.  It gives her immense pleasure in sharing and educating fellow beings on various Internet stuff. 

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