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5 Ways Your Startup Website Can Actually Benefit From Facebook

We’ve all heard that social media is the place to be, but with Twitter having more link interaction, and Pinterest being the best place to share just about anything you can attach an image to, what does Facebook really do for your startup? Well actually, more than you’d think.

5# Build a Following

While it’s true that not everyone on your Facebook page will actually be interested in your startup, and with Facebook’s new advertising policy, not everyone will even see what you post. What will happen is that Google, and the people visiting your page, will see that you have a following. Whether or not they’re actually interested in what you do or sell is completely irrelevant. On the same scale, you can talk to interested people, inform them of your products or services, and actually get a small amount of hype going, all without really doing anything more than logging onto a social platform and asking a few questions.

4# Gain Ranking Through Share Statistics

You probably know that link building is an important part of SEO but did you know that sharing links on Facebook can help your site statistics as well? Google analytics show that sites with frequently shared media are more likely to be placed higher in search, partially because of their new social media influenced algorithm, and partially because Facebook is a PR10 site, which is better for your sites ranking then sharing on a lower PR site. Best of all, if you have a large number of Facebook followers, you don’t necessarily need links to drive traffic to your site in order to benefit

3# Promote Your Blog

While not quite as good for blog promotion as Twitter, Facebook is still a pretty decent way to promote blogs, news, and even press releases. Write something interesting, give it a catchy headline, and give people a reason to visit (and like) the post when you put it on Facebook. Try adding a personal message rather than just a link, you might be surprised by how much traffic it gets your site.

2# Gain Social Authority

Did you know that both Google and Bing search engines use social authority to determine who gets the top of spots in a search? If you’re competing for keyword space, you might be able to rise in the ranks by gaining a larger social following. Increasing followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + could actually get you higher on the search page because you are more active, and it looks like you have more people who are interested in what you have to say. While there are other factors involved, you can greatly benefit from increasing the number of people who like your page.

1# Give Something Away

You might be wondering, ‘how can giving something away help my business?’ If so, you’ve probably never heard of ‘Like and Share’, the idea is to host a promotional raffle where you will give something away when you hit so many likes. For example, if you’re just starting out, you can give something away when you hit 200 likes, and then 500, and then so on. The basis of the idea is that people will share your page and you will get more likes. This actually does two things for your website. First, you get more likes and followers, and therefore more social authority at what could be a tenth or less of the cost of Facebook advertising (which charges about .80 cents or more per like!), definitely a win right? Second, your page is being shared across a highly trafficked social network with a PR of 10 and an Alexa rank of 2, you’re getting quality backlinks that Google is paying attention to!

Convinced? Facebook is definitely beneficial to websites and new businesses, especially if you’re just starting out and looking for promotion. Best of all, it’s completely free (unless you pay for advertising).

Author Bio:- Brandy Cross is a full time freelance writer at The High Tech Society as well as an SEO expert who enjoys writing, hot cups of tea, and zombies. An avid writer and reader, she owns various electronic devices that she isn’t afraid to take apart and modify. New technology, mobile software, and figuring out how things work are a personal favorite hobby.

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