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5 Ways to Stay Inspired as a Blogger

If you ever search Google for blogging tips, technology blog or personal blog, you will find a mind boggling number of results. The competition is stiff and it is just cumbersome for a blogger who has just started up or going to start a blog. However, that does not mean a person should never blog. However, every blogger should have an awesome action plan for their blog and be ready to slog it out until their blog gets the attention it deserves. That is why it is important stay inspired until your blog gets successful. Everyone can be happy once their blog is making big money and getting lots of traffic. But until then, it is a tough phase for any blogger.

Here are my 5 personal tips to stay inspired as a blogger:

Go off track

It is sometimes okay to write a post that is not based on your niche. It is okay to write something personal. This is why it is always recommended to have a “miscellaneous” category – because everything that you ramble about goes there. It is an ideal way to maintain a blog that is focused on its niche but gives a personal insight into the bloggers life as well. And as for you, it is a refreshing change from researching and search engine optimizing every new post you write.

Guest post

This is another really effective way to stay inspired as a blogger. A guest post on a good blog will always leave you feeling awesome. Because even if your blog is struggling, guest posting is a way to validate your writing. Getting a post approved on a good blog is quite difficult and if you do make it through, then it is amazing. Moreover, your words will also be commented on by the new community you have exposed yourself to. Of course, this is keeping aside the obvious SEO benefit and traffic spike which you will notice for your blog after your guest post  is published.

Learn about other success stories

The internet has all sorts of blogs today, there are blogs that have gotten successful in a matter of few months and some blogs that have struggle for 4-5 years before they finally hit the limelight. When the going gets tough it is always a great idea to check out the success stories that other bloggers have scripted and to understand what hardships they have faced. However, you need to take it as a positive motivation instead of getting bogged down by how tough it might seem to get successful in the industry.

Listen to kick ass music and get inspired

Watching inspiring movies and listening to music that inspires you is one of the most effective technique for me. It always helps me feel better after a tough and demotivating day – when my traffic stats are low and I feel that my blog is simply not going to make it in the big league. One of the most inspiring movie that I would recommend every blogger to watch is the Will Smith starrer The Pursuit of Happyness.

Celebrate your small wins

At the end of the day, the real motivation comes from the small wins you accomplish with your blog. This is why in the initial stages, competing with yourself is perhaps the best idea. With every small win, your blog will take a small step forward and you will also personally be growing and learning more as a blogger. So celebrate your small victories and build on them with a solid foundation.

Hope you find these little personal tips that I use for myself are useful for you too. Let me know via your comments below! 

Author Bio:- My name is Vivek Krishnan. I have been blogging since 2009, my main interests are entrepreneurship and startups. I blog at Collegefallout and DoStartup.

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