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5 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Your blog is asset for you and you must keep your asset secure in your life balance sheet. A single careless action can take away your blog from you. Your hard work, your precious time spend on your blog posts, your hard earned money spent on creating backlinks etc every thing can go if you will not secure your blog. Your blog is your business and you must spend some time on your blog security. Today i would like to share my experience about how to secure a wordpress blog. Following are some tips that will help you in securing your WP blog.

5 Tips for Securing your WordPress Blog

1. Duplicate Content

Always check your blog for duplicate contents, whether it is produced by you or any guest writer has created it. Check all your blog content on regularly basis. Use copyscap.com to check your blog content. If any one has copied your hard worked from your blog then open a DMCA complaint. [How to File DMCA complaint]

2. WordPress Exploit Scanner

A very useful and popular wordpress scanner that will help you to scan your blog for malicious codes and scripts. Hacker normally use a trick to paste some scripts and spam links in your blog content and sensitive files. That scripts and codes can harm your blog ranking or your blog database can get corrupted. In order to secure your blog from hacker attacks. You can read my previous post about Prevent Hacker Attacks. Install WordPress Exploit Scanner in your blog and scan your blog for malicious scripts and codes.

[Install Plugin]

3. Password

Using strong and complicated password for your wordpress blog will secure your blog from being hacked. There are so many softwares that can hack your password if you have used general terms like “blog name”, “dictionary words”. Therefore using unique and unknown terms and symbols in your password.

4. Plugin Installation

Installing third party plugins in your wordpress blogs can make problems for you. Don’t trust on every plugin, first search about the plugin and then install it. Some time untrusted plugin can crash your blog, or it can harm your blog ranking. So be careful when you are going to install any plugin.

5. Hide WordPress Version

Hackers use different techniques to hack a blog. A common technique that helps hackers in hacking a blog is WP version. They want to know the version of the wordpress blog, in order to apply a technique on your blog to hack it. You must hide your blog version to stop hackers from hacking your blog.

To remove your blog version history paste the following code in your blog function.php

<?php remove_action('wp_header', 'wp_generator'); ?>
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  • abhi

    June 7, 2010, 4:42 pm

    This is true. Plugins is the biggest source of problems.


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