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5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Tech Savvy

Planning a wedding is a huge ordeal. You have to think of so many different things. What kind of venue will it be at? Who will do the flowers? What kind of invitations do we send out? It can be a very stressful, but also very exciting time in your life if you make it one. Instead of looking at all the things that have to be done and getting stressed about them, why not look at ways to make things more fun and possibly even easier on you, your guests, and your wallet?

Wedding Tech Savvy

In this digital age, mundane things like planning a wedding become much more fun. With all the neat tech gadgets and innovative ways of doing things, the sky is the limit when it comes to making your wedding more tech savvy. To get you started, here are five great ways to make that special day as tech friendly as possible.

1. Virtual Invites

I’m sure no one will be surprised to find out that it has become extremely easy to make and send wedding invitations, as well as receive the RSVPs, through email and online. There are tons of fantastic websites that do everything from design the cards, to sending them, to keeping your account easy to use and access. This simple tech way of making and sending invitations will save time, money, and unnecessary paper. What else could you ask for?

2. Shoot & Share Cameras For Each Table

It has long been a tradition at many weddings to provide each table at the reception with a disposable camera. This was a fun way of letting your guests take some photos that you could then share with everyone, as well as being a cheap way of getting more photos from the wedding. With pocket sized video cameras costing between $50-$100, having a small shoot & share camera, like the Flip, at each table instead of or even alongside the disposable ones, will be another great way to have fun, involve the guests, and get some great, more high tech memories from the special day.

3. Personal Wedding Website

Everything is done online these days. Which is why it has almost become essential to create a website or blog just for the wedding. This is a great central place for anyone to be able to check out details and information about the wedding. This includes addresses of all the locations, where the couple are registered, contact information with any questions, and an easy place for the bride and groom to keep track of everything. There are plenty of websites that create a site for a small fee, or you can create a blog for free.

4. Hire A DJ

Bands at a wedding are nice, but they are also very expensive, and a little old fashioned. With music being so easily accessible digitally, it only makes sense to have a DJ at the reception. Not only does this save money because you are paying one person instead of 4-6, but you can also easily put a playlist together yourself on an iPod and have them play it. A DJ can also act as a great host and MC for the night.

5. Stream It Live

One of the more interesting and fun ways to share the wedding with everyone is to stream it live. All you need is a computer, a web cam, and be hooked up to a site like UStream for everyone to see. This is not just a fun option, but can be great for those out-of-towners who couldn’t make it to the actual ceremony. You can notify people of the stream on Twitter and Facebook, and have guests comment as they watch the live stream.

With every few months that goes by nowadays, there seems to be even more innovative and technological ways to do everything. Using these for your wedding is fun, saves money, and will show just how tech-savvy you are!