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5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter can be an excellent marketing communication tool. The question on most people’s minds is “how can I increase the number of followers I have on Twitter?” More followers on Twitter means that a broader audience sees your message. There are even companies that claim that they will ‘sell’ you Twitter followers, but how can you legitimately increase the number of followers you have on Twitter?

Give them something of value

Too many individuals and businesses make the mistake of solely talking about themselves. They only share uninteresting (to others anyway) and self-promotional tweets. If you want to gain followers that matter (actual people, not bots that are just launched for spam) you need to make sure that you have something interesting to offer.

  • Before each post, ask yourself: is this valuable to my audience?
  • Make them smile, yell, or think. As long as it gets their attention
  • It is ok to talk about yourself, but limit it to interesting information
  • Automated is a no-no. Be confused for a spambot and watch the masses go elsewhere
  • Any sort of tutorial of interesting information is appreciated by followers

Mix up what you do on Twitter

Make sure that you mix up your messages, do not just post in one particular category. The varieties of tweet-types are:

  • Links
  • Retweets
  • Replies to others
  • Straight text
  • Media (picture/video)

When you post a variety of messages on Twitter, it shows that you are putting effort into your tweets. It also helps you share interesting tweets by other people and requires you to interact with others. Do not become boring, become stuck in a rut, or simply retweet what others have to say. Use this approach and you will see that your followers appreciate it.

Ask for retweets

A recent study demonstrated that the best way to be retweeted was in fact to ask for it. If you make it clear to your initial followers that you believe that their opinions matter, they will start responding and retweeting your initial message. This means that you reach a much larger audience than you would have otherwise. This goes both ways.Make sure that you retweet information supplied by other people so they feel that they are valued by you.

Make sure that you stay current

A great way to provide an interesting mix of valuable tweets and maintain interesting dialogues is by using your associated Twitter account personality or brand with current events. Twitter is all about the now, what is going on at this particular moment? Even just being a few hours late to a conversation is going to limit your exposure to a new audience. Especially if you find a way to tie recent events into your tweets, you will see the number of followers skyrocket. It is going to expose you to a completely new set of Twitter users.

Tweet when people are watching

This is perhaps the most important aspect of getting your message to the masses. Most people on Twitter follow more than one person.In fact, they probably follow dozens. This means that if you do not tweet during peak times, chances are that your information is going to be much lower in their timeline. People would have to scroll downwards to read your message rather than simply opening up their Twitter feed.

Between 1 pm and 2 pm,local time has been proven the most active time for people to tweet. Several programs and online services allow you to create a tweet and have it sent out during a designated time. That way you do not even have to be active.