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5 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

Facebook is a great way to connect with existing fans and to make new ones, so why not grow your fanbase with these ideas?

1# Facebook Widgets

Facebook provides a pretty nifty way to show a box of fans for your Facebook page directly on the associated website. It’s an easy way to let current readers of your website interact with your business in another venue and if you publish updates to your Facebook page, they can keep up.

2# Comment Integration

If your readers can currently comment on your website via the typical Blogger or WordPress form, you may be missing an opportunity to to grow your followers. Integrating Facebook as a commenting method allows users to comment with their Facebook accounts, instead of their names. It also allows them to like your content, and this appears on their newsfeeds.

3# Publish Deals

One way to grow your Facebook fanbase is to include content only on your Facebook page. If you operate an online store, this is the perfect opportunity to gain followers and encourage purchases. Post a promo code or discount that is only visible after users have liked your page. You can also post links to printable coupons for your brick-and-mortar shops.

4# Giveaways

There are two ways to use giveaways to your advantage with Facebook. First, you can host a giveaway on your website and make liking your page an entry method. Higher value prizes will result in a spike in your fanbase for sure. Secondly, you can host the giveaway directly on your Facebook page. Just make sure to follow the rules.

5# Multimedia

Videos uploaded to Facebook automatically include a button that allows visitors to like your page, so why not embed one on your website? Make your video memorable to encourage new fans.

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