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5 Ways to Gain Leads with Google+

Here’sone more social networking site giant. Google+, which is slightly more than a year old now, have successfully pooled into its portals some of the most competitive companies all around the globe. Based from a statistical research done by Dauglas Karr, a significant number of people from some of the world’s most competitive firms use Google+. IBM, Accenture, Google, and Microsoft were included in the list of top 10 companies using Google+. Despite the downward trend in the number of users it experienced on 2011, Google+’s power is manifested in this statistics. Google+ isn’t just an ordinary networking site. It is more of a business networking site. Its functionalities are geared towards that aim. So, if you’re starting an online business, it’s never too late to become one of the firsts to use Google +.

A quick peek on Google+ demographics

google plus demographics

Larry Page, Google’s CEO announced that Google+ has 100 million users since March 2012. This is more than twice its 2011 population. Around 70% of Google+ users are male and around 75% belong to the age range of 18 – 34 years old. In other words, the majority of Google + population are young males. The top 10 list of countries represented in Google+ includes the top 3 countries with the highest population, China, India, and US. Most of its users are engineers (29%), developers (17%), and teachers (15%).

What do these killer stats got to do with your business? These numbers show that Google+ is geared up for success and it’s going to stay for a long time. If you happen to compare the types of people found in Google + to those of the other sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll see many differences. For example, all the three sites Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have the majority of their users, female. The point is, you’ve got an almost entirely new class of prospective customers in Google+. Whereas, you sell shopping items for ladies in Pinterest, you can sell items for gents in Google +. Isn’t that great!

Get your business into the top ranks with Google +

You have your business website and you have it entered in Google+. How will you make it ascend into the top ranks? Making your business website counted among the top ranking sites will increase your chances of selling whatever products or services you have to offer. Here are some tips for you to try.

1. Use all the functions or features of Google+

Google+ has 5 main features available. Three of these are the following

  • Form a circle of trusted friends using the Google+ Circle. Group them by topic. To do this much easier,you can use the drag and drop button.
  • Use Google+ Stream to update your status, share photos, links, videos and location. There are things that you should remember about rankingvideos, though. Here’s a little secret, Google ranks them by relevance. They are ranked by the number of likes, number of shares and by how long your viewer watched the video. So, ask your circle of friendsto watch your videosfrom beginning to end, otherwise you’ll have low ranking in Google search. Ask them to comment, like, and share, afterwards.  If you happen to buy some followers, ask them to do the same.
  • Use the Google+ Hangout to link with you friends and watch YouTube videos at the same time. Google rates simultaneous viewing higher. You should use this feature to communicate with your clients face to face. Personal communication improves business-customer relationship is a proven fact base from a case study done by James Fierce.

2. Add the +1 button into your site

The +1 button allows you to put a “stamp of approval” to the piece of content you are viewing. When someone conducts a search to a topic related to that piece, he or she will most likely click the same link. You can add the +1 button into your site by following this link.

3. Use Google+ Automation

google automationThis tool helps you get your blogs, posts, etc. into the first page of Google search results. It helps you improve your ranking. Online searchers are more attracted to search results with pictures attached to them like the one on the left. Meaning, online searchers will most likely click yours.  Accordingly, if you can get your picture or your business logo attached to search results, your number of backlinks will increase resulting to higher Google ranking. Why would you want to be on the first page, particularly on the coveted no. 1 spot? Think about this. Businesses that made it to the no.1 spot were able to get 42% of the search traffic, while those that managed to get to the no. 2 spot got 20% of the search traffic. We are talking about millions of backlinks here! Click on this site to know more about this tool.

4. Use Google + Badge

This plug-in connects your Google+ Account and Google+ Profile to your Business Website. According to Fierrcethe addition of Google+ Badge resulted to 38% increase in the number of visitors coming into Mashable’s site. Mashable is a fast growing news site based in the US. Click on this link to know more about Google + badge.

5. Use real time automated publishing tools

NextScripts provides a Word press Plugin called ‘Google Plus Automated Posting’ that can automatically publish your posts or blogs from your main website into your Google+ account. With automated publishing tools, you can post messages with or without links to Google+ Stream and import RSS to Google + account. You have to have these basic requirements:PHP5, cURL, and WordPress. Click on this link to tryout a sample.

Author Bio:- Abhishek Thakur is a Social Media Expert at iMarkinfotech and has been working with Neil Patel in his venture of digital marketing. Our aim is to make businesses aware about the huge potential in terms of traffic as well as revenue which they are missing.