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5 Ways to Create a Community of Blog Readers

Are you thinking about starting a blog, or do you already have a blog and want to know how to get more traffic? When it comes to readership advice, there are a few things that all popular bloggers can agree on; it takes time to earn a loyal following…and don’t expect readers to find you on their own.

Yes, that’s correct; readers don’t find new bloggers, new bloggers find readers. This is partly because new blogs do not rank in search engine results, so novice bloggers will have to use others tools to build up a community of regular readers. This job isn’t easy, but with a commitment to success and a conscious attention to detail, your blog can go from virtually unknown to regularly-visited.

There are several ways to inform others of your blog’s existence, but in particular, there are at least five “no fail” ways to increase your traffic numbers.

Create a Brand and Theme

This is a basic marketing technique used in all good advertising campaigns. In order for readers to remember your blog, you must create a well-designed and well-organized blog page. This means you should pick a color scheme, a blog title and a logo that is relevant to your blog’s topic, and consistently use these things when advertising your blog on other sites. For example, your Twitter page should use the same color scheme as your blog and share a username that is similar to your blog’s name. Doing this helps burn an image in readers’ minds, making your blog easier to remember. Good page design makes your blog more likeable and more professional, and a theme that highlights certain keywords helps your page rank on search engine sites.

Use Social Media to Advertise Recent Posts

Today, you just can’t have a blog without creating a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account to market it. These social media tools are quite honestly the easiest way to push your blog out to potential followers. Make sure that you target your social media pages to a particular audience and a particular topic. This will make it easy for social media users to find your social media pages through a search and, hence, your blog. More importantly, you should follow the social media accounts of top bloggers to notify them of your blog’s existence. When you post new content to your blog, share a link to the post on your social media accounts, and ask readers to “like” or “follow” your blog. Encourage readers to leave comments, as well, and always respond to comments and questions.

Be Open to Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to encourage other bloggers to read your blog and share it with their readers. A guest post is an article on your blog written by another blogger in exchange for a backlink to their own site. Although this may not seem like a logical way to bring traffic to your site, once their article is published, most guest posters share the link to their post on their blog and social media sites (meaning, they share a link to your blog). Guest posting is also a natural way to encourage other bloggers to recommend your site to others and a great way to create a community of fellow bloggers.

Be a Guest Poster on Other Blogs

In addition to accepting guest posts on your blog, you should also search for blogs to submit guest posts to. Because guest posts usually contain a backlink to the author’s site, it is an easy way to encourage readers from other blogs to check out your blog, as well.

Keep Content Fresh

Once you start to gain a following, you have to stay on top of your content. People do not read or recommend blogs that fail to provide new content on a regular basis. Blogs are just like any other form of entertainment; you have to keep your audience happy and engaged. If you don’t continue to add quality content to your blog, readers will not consider it relevant or useful.

Author Bio:- Melissa Miller is a freelance writer who works on an associate degree blog and loves to give information that helps connect prospective students with the online education that’s right for them. She welcomes any and all feedback at melissamiller831@gmail.com.

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