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5 Ways to Completely Screw Up Your Blog

Bloggers are everywhere today. This is because there are way too many reasons for someone to start blogging. It can be from an ordinary person who wants to earn money or to gain popularity. It can also be from some company who wants to have a blog to promote their business.

Many of us paid too much attention on how to make our blog stand out. But how many of us really spend hours to look into our own blog and see what actually went wrong which is stopping us from getting it popular?

If you are someone who keeps looking forward in improving your blog blindly, why not take a step back to see if there is any mistakes that you had already done and start patching things. Here are 5 ways that you might have screwed up our blog unintentionally.

  1. Too many ads on the ‘above-the-fold’. Flooding your blog with advertisements is not a good impression to give to anyone. Your incoming visitor might just bounce off. Your subscribers as well, might just hit the unsubscribe link. Worst situation is, Google start penalizing you. If you really want to earn from advertisement, be reasonable with your ads placement.
  2. Lengthy and boring content. While it is a very good idea to have a long post, but it is also important to keep your content interesting. If you had written rubbish for the first half of your content, there isn’t anyone going to read your second half. It is important to write something which attracts your reader to keep reading. If you can’t write an awesome post of 1000 words, why not write an awesome 250 words rather than 1000 words of worthless article.
  3. Can’t find your subscription link. Visiting a blog everyday just to see if there is a new update does not work anymore in the 20th century. People now rely on things such as RSS and social media for you to notify them that you had just updated your blog. As a result, you should keep your subscription link or icon as easy to find as possible. There is no need for you to hide those links away from your subscribers.
  4. Too shy to have an ABOUT page. The point of having a blog is to build readership because it is not like any ordinary static website, but rather a place for people to share, comment and learn. If you are not letting people know who you are, you are going to let your readers to read a content written by a stranger and I can be very sure to tell you, no one likes to listen to stranger. So why not, spend some time and craft 1-2 paragraph about yourself to let people know you first so that they have the reason to trust you and keep reading your writing.
  5. Always out of focus. If you are happily blog about cars and out of sudden after 5 articles, you start blogging about health, what do you think your readers will think? Of course they start to doubt whether you want to blog about cars or health. People who want to learn about cars will not go to your site to read your health content for sure. You will lose readership if you start to blog out of your focus. If you really want to start blogging something else, then start a brand new blog.

Author Bio: – Alan Tay is the author who runs IT Security Column, a IT Security blog where he mostly writes about security tips such as tips on how to remove virus and online virus scanner.

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