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5 Ways to Choose Best Free Games on Google Play

There are many people who are considered to be experts, in different fields of information technology. There are masters in handling of soft wares and hard wares. Some are called as programmers, some as developers and those who handle hard ware are generally called computer engineers.

The programmers are the one who develop a specific system that works in computer systems. They are the one who program video games, either for a specific computer system or for all the computer systems that are in operation.

Google’s Games

There are millions of video games in the market, some for children and some for grown ups and experts. Most games are sold in the market in form of CD’s, where as there are games that is downloaded from different websites. Google is also one such SEO, that provides free games. Google provides many choices; it adds games in large numbers every day.

Google games free website remains up dated at all times. When ever one browses through it, there will be at least ten new and latest games, that too of varying variety, available to play.

Free and Popular

Although there are unlimited number of free games available on the Google and nearly all of them are popular and in demand. Yet, these games have a rating of their popularity. The latest review has placed the following ten games as the most popular:

Blue Race. A 3D version.

Flash Make (Flash 11). A 3 D version.

Maze Escape 1 (Molehill). A 3D version.

Water Maze. (Molehill). A 3D version.

Nice Girl

Super Bingo

1 Brain Square

Drag Rally 2 Flash Dame.

Pixel Quest


How to Choose the Best of Best

To choose as to which out of all the games are the best, is a very debatable issue. The reason is the mental temperament of the player. Every player has his own liking and disliking. A particular game may be the most favorite for Player A, but it may be on the last number for player B. For example, the game Blue Race is on top of the list, but may not be on the top of the list for others. So one can conclude that it is not the game that matters it is also the temperament, intelligence and liking/ disliking of players that may or may not decide that which of the games are the best one.

Five Ways to Choose

  1. Always choose the one that has been placed on top of the list by Google.
  2. The new version of a game one has been played as favorite, should be the next choice.
  3. Keep the personnel liking of the type of game one normally plays as the third choice.
  4. Discuss the games with your friends and see which the one that is being appreciated the most. That is your fourth choice.
  5. The most difficult, the most challenging and the most interested game rated by the maximum players. Is the fifth choice


To conclude, one can say, to choose the best games from the Google’s free games on the website, each of the players will have their own choice. That may be similar in few cases and may be very different in some. That is why the Google has followed a procedure, of obtaining vote for each game, irrespective of the category. That is why the website of Google will guide you to a list of most popular games. It is from here that you may choose the best.

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