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5 Ways to Back up Your Data

We can see many aspects of taking the backup of the data. Here in this article, we will discuss about 5 different ways to back up your data:

data backup ways


This kind of backup is also known as the online backup and it completely depends upon where you have stored the data.When data are stored on the local network, then it is known as the network. And, when data are stored on the server, then it is known as online. The main advantage of this kind of backup is that it is safe from fire or water damage. But, when server or system fails, then chance of data lose is highly there.


In that case, one hard drive is already taking the back up of your data onto another hard drive or it can split up to data onto different hard drives. We can get the increased speed in accessing the normal data, because you get the data from two different sources. In the disadvantage, all the data remain only on your computer, if your computer fails or hard drive crashes, then all your data are lost. Or, in case of stealing of the computer, data can also go lost.


When all your data are stored onto the server or system on any network or over the internet like network backup, then it is called remote backup system. In this process, you can access all your data so easily. But, it can take a long time to back up data over internet or network.

Hard Copy

This kind of backup is meant for putting data onto the external medium like, CDs, DVDs, tape drive and external hard drive. This kind of backup also includes backup of any kind of print outs. When your computer breaks, then also your data will be stored onto any external device. But, in that case, you need to preserve that external device safely.


When the full backup of the entire hard drive is taken, then it is called full backup.

In the market, we can see certain programs in the Data backup software, which should be stored on your computer. This kind of program safeguards the data from any kind of disaster.

Data backup software makes copies of all of your information and then this kind of data can be retrieved easily, even when computer goes down.

So, we can always take the back up of different files and folders on the computer with the help of Windows or Mac backup software.

You can also get different recovery software for the Windowsor Mac backup software.

Author:- Maria Sizer is an technical article writer who writes for Mac Backup software for synchronizing the file and folder. This article explores information regarding Data Backup Software.

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  • Ritesh @ TechSpacia

    September 25, 2011, 6:19 pm

    Good post. I generally prefer to backup my files on 1TB external hard disc.


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