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5 Ways Students Can Make Money While Still in School

Any reader who has been through, or is presently involved in, the constant struggle to finance their lives in college knows how hard it can be to feel broke practically all of the time. College students do not have to be cash strapped day in and day out though. For the benefit of the struggling college or university student, this article examines five different ways that students can realistically make money while they are still hitting the books and the bars in school.

5 Ways Students Can Make Money

earn money at school

1. Sell Stock Photography On the Internet

If you own a digital camera, then you are ready to start your own side, part time business. For those college students who simply love to take pictures, now you can be paid for taking them. All that you have to do is to sell your pictures on the Internet to businesses such as Dreamstime.com. Each instance that a person chooses to download a copy of your photograph, then you earn money. Most of these sorts of sites allow you to keep a part of your copyright, too.

2. Write Online for Cash

If you are a college student who enjoys writing and is good at it, then this can be a business for you, as well. Numerous businesses on the Internet are eager to pay you for writing for them and their clients. Click on the link to this site at: http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/. They offer different and fresh job listings up each Monday through Friday morning.

3. Become a Tutor

For those of you college kids who are really good at English, Science, Math, or practically most any subject out there, you should consider becoming a tutor. For every good student there is a poor one. Start up a proprietary tutoring service and get paid to help out the unfortunate students. To go high tech with this, present your tutoring business to individuals over the Internet in online chat rooms.

4. Sell Your Personal Tickets to Your College or University Sporting Events

You may be laughing at the thought of this, but we are very serious. Generally college football or basketball tickets are much in demand items. You as a student probably get first go at the tickets and seats. Why not purchase several such tickets for the big games and then turn around and sell them at a profit to family members and friends?

5. Buy Items to Resell on Craiglist or eBay.

This has become a big business and even a full time income for some post grads these days. Go see you area estate sales, auctions, and yard sales on the weekends. Buy rare treasures at bargain basement prices. Then simply put up your valuable finds on either Craigslist or eBay (or maybe even on both sides) to sell them. You will quickly discover that this becomes a potentially lucrative secondary source of income for you after you gain some experience and put in some time in learning what works best.

Author:- Louise Baker writes about accredited online degrees for Zen College Life. She most recently ranked the best engineering colleges in the USA.