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5 Ways Desktop Virtualization Can Save Your Business Money

Both small businesses and medium ones have been keenly following the numerous benefits of desktop virtualization. There is little to doubt about this technology, as it was created to provide your business with an IT based infrastructure that will grow with your business and accommodate its needs. Besides the scalability that it offers, there are so many other ways which desktop deployment can actually make a huge difference to your bottom line.

1# Saves you time

One of the most important things for any working individual is having enough time to get the job done. All to often, you end up stuck doing mundane tasks that do not allow you to get the real work completed. One of the main advantages of desktop virtualization is that it allows you to save time. You can access your desktop from any location. This will allow you to work from anywhere especially when out of the office, when you need important information on your primary computer. A virtual desktop also allows the IT team the ability to remotely update your computer at night keeping you working during the day.

2# Desktop Virtualization Saves you money

Desktop Virtualization

Time of course is money but having a desktop deployment in place also means that you save money while you are at it. Imagine having to bring in a load of computers and notebooks and having to manually set up each one of them and then have them connect to one another. Not only is this an expensive prospect, but it is also time consuming and does not allow you to set up and begin work instantly. You are therefore able to save funds to IT personnel for setting up your systems and for
regular maintenance checks as well. When you have such a system in place, taking care of everybody’s issues becomes much easier for your IT department.

3# Gives you security

This is one of the best ways to protect your data. Since nothing is stored on a computer and everything is present virtually, all sensitive data can be safely stored. So it goes without saying that even if you happen to lose your office notebook, there is no need to panic and there will be no data in it that can be accessed or compromised. Because you are functioning on a virtual desktop, you will also have an added layer of security against online threats such as malware and viruses. Since you do not have any hard drives and your point of access to the network is from an online desktop, you have less chances of catching a virus, Trojan or any other such malware.

4# Easier sense of working

When you are working in a virtual environment, things become much easier as far as regular management of workloads is concerned. In an IT set up this becomes very important, as work often goes through several layers of management. Besides this, the clients that the work is being done for can also be accessed easily and workflows will be smoother. The ease of telecommuting to is very apparent in this kind of a set up. With a good internet set up and with the right login credentials, it will be easy for a person to log into their work. Productivity is on a high and troubleshooting can be handled quickly. The ease of having a virtual working environment is undeniably of great advantage.

5# Ease of scalability

Every business harbors a dream of expanding but this is generally easier said than done. If you have an IT infrastructure that grows along with your needs, then there is nothing like it. Most times, up gradation with physical additions to the office space can involve huge amounts of money and maintenance requirements increase exponentially as well. With a desktop deployment, an additional set up can be achieved instantly without waiting for hardware to come through.

6# Easing the process of virtual deployment

Now if you want to get your office on a virtualized platform, there are hassle free ways to go about it. Once you place an order for your systems and desktops, having an organization work on their deployment will save you a great deal. There are a number of organizations that specialize in doing this. They take on the job, right from the placing of the order, to picking up your systems, delivering them and then hooking them up to a virtual environment. These systems will be ready to use in a very short span of time.

Irrespective of the size of your organization, there are specialists who will be able to have a powerful PC deployment in place. Even if you are upgrading a set-up, these professionals will be able to ensure that work continues unaffected while they go about their job. If you are moving from a physical set up to a virtual one, then migration to new systems can be a worry. In the case of professionals handling the job, things can be done smoothly. They look into the setting up of user settings as well as the hardware. All necessary accessories are put in place and this brings down the burden on your own infrastructural set up. These are companies that you can always go back to when you want to get rid of your old laptops or desktops in the right manner.

There are three stages where these deployment services are put in place. The first is the installation of notebooks and desktops. Technicians will visit the site and carryout the most basic of installations to put your systems in place. Any computers that are being replaced will have data transferred off of them and then disposed of. New ones will be brought in and hooked up to the system.

Once you have your systems in place, you are given a single authority for interaction. Based on this, you can plan all that you need from your deployment systems and have the tasks installed in all of your systems. This can be from the point of view of your employees as well as the end user’s. Once you turn on the system, it will be ready for work.

Most such professional organizations work at trying to give you the most out of your system and also offer consultation services in order to work out an automated system of managed deployment and this can save you as much as 55 percent of your set up costs. Besides the advantages of being a managed deployment model, you will also be able to make full use of the consulting services that are provided. These are especially useful when you want to scale up the business that you have.

In any business, time is of the essence and ease of access to work stations as well as the security of information is very important. Desktop deployment gives you all of these advantages.

Author Bio:- David Malmborg, works with Dell. Right now he is learning about desktop virtualization learn more at Dell.com. Also learn what virtualization is at Dell. When not working he enjoys reading, hiking, and writing about technology.

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