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5 Useful Task Management Software’s

Now that the world is getting smaller and smaller by the minute, it is but proper to make use of technology to our advantage. Computers have been such helpful machine. When it comes to task management, you can never go wrong with using different software to help be more organized, speed up things, and sort out your daily tasks. Whether be it work or household stuff, everything can be covered with different kinds of task management software. All it takes is for you to pick which one to go for. Several softwares have been developed to automate the process. For example project management softwares help in managing your projects. Similarly quality management softwares help in managing quality.


The following are five useful task management softwares you can use:

1. Google Tasks


  • Access tasks in various platforms such as Gmail account, iGoogle, Google Calendar, PDAs and mobile phones.
  • List all to-dos and put them all in one list.
  • Organize tasks
  • Sort out lists
  • Set a due-date
  • Make notes

Price: Free

2. Todoist


  • Similar to Google Tasks
  • Can be viewed using a side bar on Mozilla Firefox or any other website
  • Multiple task lists
  • Add priorities to each of the listed task
  • Useful for stuff like home tasks and making a grocery list

Price: Free

3. Remember The Milk


  • Organize tasks into lists
  • Send emails to yourself, and have the messages show up to you as tasks
  • Prioritize, tag, and assign tasks
  • Give due dates and add notes to tasks
  • Create recurring tasks

Price: Free

4. Toodledo


  • Goals section (short-term, long-term and lifelong)
  • Manage tasks, contacts, and projects
  • Share tasks
  • Upload files (pro plus version only)


Basic Account – Free

Professional Account – $14.95/year

Pro Plus Account – $29.95/year

5. HiTask


  • Track appointments
  • Track tasks through the use of project
  • Track team members
  • Ability to sort out tasks through the use of color
  • Access HiTask through iGoogle, RSS reader and mobile phone


Basic – Free

Premium – $6/month for an individual plus unlimited size for a team

Business – $15/month for 5 users plus unlimited size for a team

Quick Tips To Choose Which Task Management Software To Use

When it comes to choosing which task management software to use, it all depends on certain factors. To know more about them, read on:

  • Features

Be very particular as to what you are looking for in a software. Do you want it to have certain features? Do compare one software with another through its features. In this way, you would be able to know which one is much better than the rest.

  • User-friendly

A task management software may look and sound good but if it takes quite some time for the user to get the hang of it, and use the software to its potential, then better stay from such software. What you are looking for in a software is one that is user-friendly and does not take any rocket science to use it.

  • Functionality

The biggest question now is whether or not the software functions the way it is designed to. If not, then better stay away with that particular task management software. It will do no good to you.

There you have it three things that you need to remember when it comes to shopping for task management software. Task management is crucial for better team performance and can be really efficient with task management software tailored for your business.

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  • Sam Bolton

    April 12, 2012, 5:09 pm

    As for my business purposes, I am using comindware task management software due to some advantages over the similar products. First of all, it is very simple in use, has much functionality, can be ported on mobile devices. The greatest part of this software – reporting – you can generate any reports any time and on different aspects of project development.

  • Coders Guide

    October 6, 2011, 3:27 pm

    I personally use Google Task to manage all my work on time..

  • Funny Blog

    October 3, 2011, 10:46 pm

    Google Tasks is really great..! I have been using this & really loved the services. Anyway, thanks for the Information, lots of services were unknown for me, will try if gets time to do..


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