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5 Useful Health Tips for Bloggers

health tips for bloggersBloggers spends allot of time in the front of computer or laptop (including me), and making there blog perfect for the visitors, but they don’t care about there health. Which makes allot of problem in there daily life. We should not neglect our health because it can effect the efficiency of our work. We have to set a proper routine for our blogging. Which will reduce allot of health problems, and make us perfect to keep and maintain our blog in better way.But if we will not take care of our health then we may face allot of problems in our daily life.

Due to health problem you can face certain problems in your daily life.

Health Problems and Health Tips

Eye Disease

Spending allot of time in front of computer or laptop can cause eye diseases. According to BBC News heavy computer use can cause you Glaucoma, which is a eye disease specially for Short-Sighted peoples. Where the optic nerve is effect badly and in result it can rob peoples of there sight.

Tip:- Reduce your work time.

Nick Pain

This is the common problem with all bloggers and all are facing nick problem (including me) due to spending allot of time in front of PC or Laptop.

Tip:- Keep your self fresh after every 1 hour.


Setting on one place for 12 to 18 hours daily can increase your weight. OR it can also effect negatively on your health.

Tip:- Apply Tip no.1 and no.2


This is the most common problem with all bloggers. Actually this is the problem of every human being, but for bloggers it is a very common problem. Every day they are thinking about there blog promotion, new post , money etc. Bloggers are totally depressed peoples. They are always thinking about there blogs and nothing else.

Tip:-Give some time to your parents, relatives and friends.


Do you know Irregular diet can increase risk of sudden death. Yes this is true and you can read here. Sleeping at 2 Am, waking up at 2 PM can cause irregularity in your diet. So just be careful with your diet and manage your routine.

Tip:- Sleep on time, Wake up on time and Eat on Time

Hope these tips can help you in maintaining your health for better blogging. Just take care of your health, because health is wealth. You are blogging because you want to earn money, and you need money because you want to spend great time in this beautiful world. The main reason behind all these activities is “YOU” and you mean your health. So just be careful and follow the health tips to take care of your health.