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5 Useful Apps for the Freelancer on the Go

Some of the best things about working freelance are that you can work anytime you want from anywhere and be able to work for clients from all parts of the world, too. Thanks to technology, it is possible for you to work during the day or night, from your home office or from a coffee shop. With all this flexibility that freelancing offers, it would also be helpful for you to have the tools that will help you make the most out of this flexibility.

Below are some of my favorites:


This is a file storage application that allows you to access your files from any computer. Just install the software on all the computers that you use and you’re assured of having access to your work files whether you’re using your desktop PC in your home office or your laptop from a hotel during a business trip. This application also allows you to easily share files with colleagues as the contents of your Dropbox can also be accessed through the web. Although the free version can accommodate only up to 2 GB of files, it still beats having to carry around a flash drive or an external hard drive. If you really need a lot of space, though, then you may consider purchasing a licensed version, which will allow you to use 100 up to 500 GB of file space.


This is like a notepad where you can save your notes, reminders, or to-do lists. You can also save images and other attachments along with your notes. What I like most about it is that, just like Dropbox, it allows you to access your notes from any computer where you have Evernote installed. What’s more, it can work with IE so that you can easily add a web page you’re browsing from IE to Evernote. It’s also available for smartphones, which makes it even more convenient to use.

EditPad Pro

I would consider this a more sophisticated version of Notepad in that it comes with a lot of features that would normally be found on word processors like font styles, formatting, advanced search functions, macros, and others. What’s more, it allows you to organize your files by project. Although it’s undeniably a programmer’s tool, it can also be useful for writers who need a “lightweight word processor” for their laptops. While it probably cannot be used for writing content with very specific formats, it will do very well for quick write-ups, especially for writers who travel a lot.

MP3 Skype Recorder

There are times when you have to hold teleconferences via Skype with your clients to discuss their requirements or to discuss a project’s status. It can be quite tedious to be taking down notes during the teleconference and this might even make you miss some of what your clients say. With MP3 Skype Recorder, you can concentrate on your meeting and make sure that you understand and are clear with all of your client’s requirements while being assured that the call is being recorded. MP3 Skype Recorder automatically starts recording a call once the call starts. You can then just listen to it again if you need to recall some of the details discussed in the meeting.


This is a world clock application that you can use to ensure that you get to complete your deliverables on time for the different clients that you have around the world. What I like most about it is that you can add as many time zones as you want, and you can attach notes and set alarms for each time zone. This will help you keep track of your deliverables for each location and ensure that you do not get delayed. You can arrange the clocks in any way you want on your desktop and easily access it with an icon on your tray.

Author Bio:- Reina Marie Gonzales is a professional technical writer who currently works full time as a freelance writer. Click freelance writing opportunity to find out more about freelance writing jobs.

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  • Arjun Aswal

    October 29, 2012, 3:42 pm

    Really helpful post. I am also working as a freelancer but i never used these tools in my work.
    thank Bilal.


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