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5 Unusual Ways to Build Links for your Blog

There is no doubt Google search algorithm revolves around links pointing to your site otherwise Google wouldn’t have put so much effort in Creating Penguin Updates to deal with the link spam. There are plenty of ways to build links, but the problem is that Google hates or does not trust most of them. Let me present a few unusual ways to build links to your blog

1. Using Google time based search and Track Mentions

Google search based on time can be very powerful if used effectively.

Search For your competitor’s name in Google. See whether the competitor’s name or website has been mentioned anywhere in the past hour, the past 24 hours or the past month.

real time search

Say you find a link of your competitor on a website, which has just mentioned its name under “Top Tech India Blogs“, then you can ask the webmaster for a link with a humble request (like dear you missed this blog, please review). Else, if you find that your competitor has recently been interviewed by a journalist and the post title goes like this “few influencer blogger in tech world“, you can ask the journalist to interview you. If she/he is not interested, you can request another journalist (preferably a competitor of the former). This works really well because journalists tend to keep an eye on the fellow journalists and you can cash in on their rivalry! It is noteworthy to use your twitter account here, to follow journalists in your relevant niche and establish a rapport with them.

2. Using Translation to get link credit

A few Months back, when I was doing competitor link analysis for my client, I invariably found that the top ranking sites were linked to some high authority pages with very good page ranks. To my surprise, I discovered that the competitor had merely translated a few popular articles or project, and in return he got a valuable link to boost his SEO standing!

For Example: –

links from translation

     Teach Yourself Programming

Give a look to this page, it has a PR5 and it provides link back to the website of the translator.

3. Write a humorous or Comic Post

Everyone on earth loves to write posts with titles like “how to”, “10 ten tips for” etc. But according to a survey, the posts and articles that had incorporated humor, or had comic titles, got 38% more back links as compared to ordinary titles.

Why? Because everyone loves to link such posts and tweet them. For Example – Writing a post with the title- “Matt Cutt’s is doing Link Exchanges” seems interesting, and can certainly do well.

Matt Cutts exchange

Once I read a post titled “How I hijacked Rand Fishkin’s Blog” (Google it) and couldn’t help tweeting it because it was interesting and well written.

So start finding some great comic post titles. In fact, if you think of something, please mention them in your comments, and let us all have a hearty laugh!

4. Post a Specific Post on Specific Day

This is an interesting one. Say you write a post on 4th July about “USA Independence Day” (when it incidentally is USA Independence day), titled, “How does USA celebrate Independence Day” that would have more chances of being covered in news, getting tweets or back links.

5. Create a Controversy and Win Links

Of course this does not mean writing something bad about people or companies; it is more about creating controversy using questionnaires. For example, if you write a post titled “How Google+ won against Facebook” or “Who is better in fooling SEO’s Matt Cutts or Rand Fishkin?” and this post gets media attention, then you may be rewarded with many potential links from high authority sites.

Read this to know how to create controversy: – How to Create Controversy For Media Attention

And if this does not work you can punch me (how to punch): –

Author Bio:- Himanshu Saxena is the SEO Strategist at TIIT Solutions, – which is one of the top provider of seo services in India. He has passion for writing unusual topics related to seo. You can catch up with him especially at Twitter, @himanshusaxenaa

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  • Faisal

    May 4, 2013, 10:21 pm

    Dear Bilal,

    I agreed with your points. Informative article, I have build my blog in January and could not get succeed in blogging. Still learning.

    Thanks for the sharing.


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