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5 Tips to Save When Buying a Mobile

The advancement in the technology has brought about a drastic transformation in the mode of communication between people at two different locations; this started with a letter, pager and now its mobile phones. Currently the landlines and normal mobiles are being taken over by smart phones and android phones that offer multiple feature other than to just communicate. The applications add beauty to the gadgets,grabbing the attention of most mobile geeks. If you are one of them and want to benefit from their modern features then you have to follow the tips listed below to save both money and energy on buying a mobile phone:

  • Comprehend your factual usage: The first thing that you have to identify is your accurate usage and all the required features that your mobile should possess. These features may include browsing the internet, integrated email accounts, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, 3G facility, music and camera; among these features you should pick only those that you really need and chop out the ones that are unnecessary. This will reduce the cost of your mobile as the price increases respectively with the additional features.
  • Practice negotiation: It has been observed by many that their neighbors get the same gadget as theirs with identical features but at lower cost, this is because they made a concerted effort in asking for discount from the dealer.
  • Avoid accessories:Most mobile company dealers attempt to bluff their customers by providing discounts and pampering them to buy the expensive accessories that provide enormous profit margins for the company. Thus, it is necessary that you are well aware of this act so that you prevent purchasing such accessories that target your cash.
  • Acquire the best deal: With the extensive demand and competition on the multiple mobile brand companies, the discount deals and the offers have been increased; providing you with multiple choices when picking up the best mobile phone deals to suit your lifestyle and also your budget; make use of these offers.
  • Choose refurbished: Refurbished phones are the high quality mobiles that are usually restored by the customers during a certain period called cooling off period that often come with warranty. These mobiles are checked well in advance before they are kept for resale; they possesses same look as the new mobiles and often unnoticeable cosmetic defects. Because of which they are assigned with lower prices and are sold faster than the new ones.  You can assure such pieces by browsing for them online, that is the best place for comparing the best deals.
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