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5 Tips to Make Your Email Campaign Work

Email marketing that may have seemed like a time wasting ten years ago, now emerge as an effective tool to promote sales and drive traffic to websites. In the words of Seth Godin- ” Email is the most personal advertising medium in history”, whose book “Permission Marketing” set the rules that changed email marketing into what it is at present. Spearheading an effective email campaign is not a simple task. However, here you will get the way for a thriving and measurable email marketing campaign by following a few easy steps comprising plan development and understanding your analytics.

First impression is the last impression

Remember the first thing that the reader sees in an email is the subject line therefore it is   important to write striking subject line otherwise your piece may send to the virtual trash. A witty and thought-provoking topic will make the readers stop and click to look out what they are missing. Write short subject line of less than fifty characters and include bullet points with valuable information.

Be active

Try to contact with customers, who are inactive on your site since months. You can send them email to make sure that their interests are still accurate. However, the definition of inactive is different in each e-commerce website. Some corporate finds those people inactive, who haven’t logged in between 6 months while others think that a dormant user is someone who have signed in your website in one year. You can send them an effective newsletter to make your call to action.

Avoid Spamming

Your email must be accurate and valuable from the subject line to the body of mail. Don’t try to mislead readers by using spam-linked words in the topic. Probably, you would also have got an email on ways- you can make millions of dollars by doing nothing. All it requires is a “little” investment on your part. I think this is a great example of spammy mails. While making your own email-campaigns, keep in mind that this type of spammy or junk data must not send to the clients, otherwise when they’ll come to know about the extreme spamming, they won’t like it or may be never open your mail after seeing it in the inbox.


It is very important to personalize with customers, who approached you because it shows their interest toward your products. Try to speak with them as early as possible because if you communicate with clients, you will get much better response. Moreover, clients like that someone personally contact with them rather than a fuzzy mass email that has been sent out to everyone.

Analyze your data

It is very important to analyze the emails in the preview pane mode. If it contains broken links or misspelled words, it will go in the trash box. You can check the text in spell or grammar checker before sending it to the clients. It will be good if you send first email to yourself to make sure it looks perfect. Moreover, emails come in different types of layout according to the service your clients are using therefore check the mails on the preview pane to ensure that all the important information is still visible.

Creating an effective email-marketing campaign is not an easy feat but, if you follow these simple and quick tips, you can see improvements straight away. If you have applied any of the following tips or want to share more tips, you can share with us in the comment below.

Author Bio:- Robert Espinosa is a professional Internet Marketer, a technology geek and writer. He writes for various technology sites to share his ideas and knowledge with others. He is also an avid reader and therefore often recommends some good books in his blogs.

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