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5 Tips on How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

The success of your website does not happen overnight. You should work hard to make it successful and it all starts with having a large traffic to your website. In this article, we will share to you some tips that will help you increase your website’s traffic and eventually increase its popularity and sales.

Start your website right

First, you should make sure to start your website the right way. Decide what it is all going to be about – a specific niche, a general topic or an e-commerce website to sell products and services. Then, get a reliable hosting site that is fast and has a great support team that you can contact in case of emergency. If you are not used to the technical website building, then you can use a website creator to produce it using a drag and drop option or ready-made templates.

Keyword research and market research

It is also important to do market research and keyword research. Check out some websites on the same niche and see how they present theirs. You don’t have to actually copy what they are doing but you should learn from it so you can offer something new to the audience. You should also do keyword research to know which keywords including long and short-tail keywords to target.


After doing your keyword research, you should make sure to use the main keywords as well as secondary keywords on your content. Make sure that your article is related to your niche. In this way, search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing will categorise your site in those keywords. When people search for certain keywords, your site will appear on the search results page. The main goal is to appear on first few pages in search engines so people can immediately see your site upon hitting search. To achieve this, you must optimise your site on-page and off-page.

Content is king

Content is still king so you should make sure to provide informative content on your site. You should give your audience what they want when they click on your website. For example, your target keyword is computer games then your site must discuss articles about computer games or even sell anything related to your niche.

Link to social media sites

Everyone wants to be viral in the Internet these days. Why? Because when your video or picture goes viral then it means people are talking about it. When they are talking about it, they will get curious so they will check you out. This is indeed one way to gain traffic. So make sure to have strong presence in different social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. You should create your own videos or content to gain people’s attention. Also, you can come up with promos so they check out your website. Nevertheless, it is important to have official social media accounts for your website.

It requires patience and hard work to increase traffic on your site. Once you reached your target traffic, you can expect great rewards. However, it is important to continuously put effort on your website to keep up with your success.

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