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5 Tips- How to Increase Follower on Twitter

No one has ever thought that social networking would become so popular. Now people cannot imagine life without social networking. Facebook and twitter are some of the biggest networking sites. There popularity is increasing day by day. People create  accounts on these sites for  different reasons. It can be a quiet challenge to increase the followers unless you are a celebrity. But there are some ways to  increase your  followers in twitter. But do try to have good and loyal followers.

Here are 5 tips on how to increase your followers on Twitter:-

  • Smart account -Firstly use shorter username. Long username  takes character space when you are going to tweet, and your message will get cut off. But don’t make extremely short names. It should not be more than 8 characters. It is important to let people know who you are, your interests and what you do. People usually read your introduction before following you. A nice little interesting bio can help you in getting followers. Don’t build up a resume. Use a decent photograph of yours. Avoid picturing from angles. Posting avatar can put your account on spam. People usually like to click open the larger version of your photo. So do not shrink it.
  •  Smart Tweet-Try to write some entertaining tweets. Remember your word reaches the world. Tweet when people can actually see it. Amuse people with your creative  tweets. Write good stories. There are many readers who love to read dramas. Spin some  intimate stories about your daily life.
  • Grab attention -Use hash tags. It increase followers. Tweets should have a proper hash tag. Put multimedia items in your message as well as  pictures , videos etc. Then it will make it more entertaining and eye catchy.
  • Follow the followers-Follow people. They might  UN follow you if you do not follow them. It becomes difficult to go through all the updates when you have more than 50 friends. Follow someone who is following more than 100 people. It is important to choose major countries and cities. Interacting with others too will also help and include them in your twitter comments. Look for the keywords you like most. If it is about reading books.Look for tweet from other people and share your interest.Your tweet will show the common interest and this will make people follow you.Unfollow people who don’t follow you back.This will help you in checking your limits.
  • Think smart -At the  end of your message you can  ask people to  retweet and share your words once in a while. You can write RT at the end of the message. Search for  your tweets which has gained popularity and many replies. Repeat those tweets a few times once in 24 hrs. It will grab attention to the people who has missed your words. This way you can get followers too.

With the right number of followers,  twitter can help you  to promote your product and connect with customers. Creating a strong follower do need planning and patience. With the tips above and your effort I am sure you will be well paid off.

Author Bio: Rajkumar is the founder of TechnoWooer and Technoford. Visit his blog to know more. You can join him on Twitter @jonnalarajkumar

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