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5 Tips for using Google Apps to Maximize Business

Google Apps have become a great alternative to the Microsoft business solutions for small businesses as well as large. Cloud service options can be very cost effective and productive for your business, learn some tips when using Google Apps:

1# Less Cluttered Inbox

With Google Apps and Gmail, there are many options to organize your email inbox and stay productive. Creating labels for specific projects and tasks will help you find information quickly and setting up filters will send new messages to the appropriate folder. Gmail also has threaded messages, this makes conversations easier to find down the road.

2# Collect Important Data

When collecting data from employees or customers you can use Google forms to simplify the procedure. Forms can include text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, and more, this data is easily entered and then formatted and saved in a Google spreadsheet. It is then very easy to review the data and share it with team members.

3# Prevent Data Loss

Google provides a lot of protection with their cloud services but one thing they don’t help with is user error. Collaborating on important documents is easy with Google docs but if an employee deletes files or a malicious attack is made, what do you do? CloudAlly is a cloud service that provides an additional layer of protection to prevent this type of data loss and business risk. A few simple clicks will get your business backup started and restores are just as easy.

4# Reduce the Need for Attachments

Sending attachments back and forth with colleagues is usually a part of everyday business. This can get cumbersome and confusing when dealing with multiple projects and document versions. This problem is solved using Google Apps and the cloud because your whole team will have access to the same Google docs. Everyone can have access to the same documents and review or edit them, collaboration and remote work become even easier.

5# Share File Collections

For small businesses that don’t have a dedicated internal system with important company policy and procedure files, a Google docs file collection is a perfect substitution. New employees can access important documents and policy manuals from a collection and the files are easy to update for HR professionals or managers.

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