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5 Tips on Boosting Your Website Conversion

The earning mode of e-commerce website is quite clear: selling products and getting revenue. Generally speaking, website traffic will directly affect the number of orders. However, sales can vary a lot even when the volume of traffic is the same. That is something called‘’website conversion’’, which is an e-commerce phrase most commonly used to describe the act of converting website visitors into real customers. In order to fully realize the value of the traffic, keeping a high website conversion is important.Here are some tips to help.

Accelerate the loading speed

Visitors won’t wait too long for a page to load. They will probably choose to leave if a web page cannot be opened in 10 seconds. It’s a pity to lose orders because of slow loading, since a better hosting service and an optimized coding structure can solve the problem. Ensure the web browsing speed is a very basic but significant point of website optimization.

Use a simple and logical web design

Being simple doesn’t mean being crude, but making complicated tasks easier. Make the product categories logical and user-friendly, so everyone can find what they want with several clicks. Page layout should also be clear and reasonable. Some webmasters prefer to make the whole page very complicated, although there’s probably not that much content to show. They believe that they should show all kinds of information in a single page to be professional.However, this can usually make users confused during a visit,and that would be harmful for web experience.

Pay attention to details

This tip is especially important for e-commerce sites. A web store need customers pay directly online, and that can be a great barrier. Trust is the basis of everything,and each detail can have effect on the reliability of a website. Sometimes, we don’t pay much attention to small flaws, but in fact, the users do. The whole site is like a pot of soup; every spice in it can contribute to a delicious taste, but at the same time, the soup can be ruined because of one misplaced ingredient. Things may not be that serious, but details should never be neglected.

Implement live support

Live Chat

To ensure high customer satisfaction, a live support service can be the easiest and most effective way, as it gives you the ability to engage the website visitors in real time. By implementing a professional live chat software solution, you will also be able to see all kinds of reports about your visitors which can help analyzing your website performance.

Treasure customer reviews

Customer reviews are always persuasive and good reputation is the greatest wealth for all kinds of businesses. This is especially true in e-commerce where people rely on user reviews heavily when evaluating a product. Adding a customer review section on your website can have obvious impacts on customers’ purchasing behavior. High product quality and good services are the foundation, though.

Here I briefly introduced five tips on website optimization. The real situation can be much more complicated, and there are more points you should take care of. To conclude, make your website user-friendly and humanistic by optimizing site design and using real-time communication tools can make a difference on both the conversion rate and your whole business.

Kevin Gao is the founder and CEO of Comm100, a leading provider of live chat software for business. As a software developer as well as a small business expert, he’s always ambitious to revolutionize the way of online customer service and communication. Find Kevin on Twitter to find out more about him.

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  • sagar nandwani

    December 31, 2013, 6:54 pm

    Nice advice on conversion optimization. Some of the smaller websites I have worked with have been difficult to get a reliable result from Google Conversion Optimizer because of the small amount of traffic. Interested to hear what you think is a reasonable amount of traffic to be able to use this effectively.
    Great idea about the image based testimonials and some of the comments have mentioned live chat also which I think definitely help with conversion.


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