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5 Things You Should Never Blog About

Blogs are a great way for you to express your creativity. They are an outlet for imagination. You can blog about anything you want. You can post the first thought that comes to your mind, much like you do on Facebook and Twitter. However, how personal is too personal? There is a good chance that if your posts are too personal or outrageous, you will either bore readers or offend them. You will also do much to discredit yourself as a professional if your blog posts are too personal.

Here are five things you should never post on your blog.

What You Did Last Night

No one wants to know about the party you attended last night or about how drunk you got. That is not important and no one cares. Besides, you only open yourself up for negative criticism. If your boss sees that content, you run the risk of being demoted or worse, fired. These kinds of things are meant to be kept amongst you and your friends. It is no one’s business what you do outside of your profession.

You should only write about what you did last night if the event was helpful or inspirational to you in some meaningful way. In this case, you can write about your experience with the intention to inspire others.

Suggestive Photos of Yourself and/or of Other People

Some people–men and women–think that posting near nude photos, or photos of themselves clothed in suggestive garb, makes them cool. While some people think it is cool, it is anything but. When you post such photos, you make yourself vulnerable to people who will want to take advantage of you. Certain people may even take the extra measure to expose you all over the internet.

Content That Promotes Violence Towards Other People and Animals

The worst content that you could possibly post on your blog is content that promotes violence towards other people and animals. People who read your posts will surely label you as a sadist and as a bully. You will more than likely be arrested for posting such content. So, if you think that posting content that promotes violence is funny, you better change your attitude.

Content That Contains A Lot of Profanity

We seem to think that some profanity in literature and in articles is okay. Most people don’t mind reading material that contains a little profanity. To some people, though,  profanity is taboo. They will stop reading material if they so much as read the word ‘shit’. While you cannot please everyone, you should respect their boundaries. Too much profanity will offend people. It will also do much to discredit you as a writer. People will quickly form the belief that you are unable to form descriptive words for things and for places.

When writing content, keep profanity to an absolute minimum. If there is no need for profanity, then don’t use it. You’re a writer, so you should be able to come up with words that are more descriptive. Have some pride in yourself and in your work.

Content That Is Downright Negative

No one wants to read about how much you hate the world and the people in it. If you had a bad day, you can express your feelings without condemning anyone, but don’t transfer those feelings onto other people. When you are too pessimistic, people will begin to think that you are the reason behind the problem. They won’t try to reason with the person who made you angry. If you really need to get something off your chest, talk to a family member, a friend, or write about it in your journal. But never post your inner feelings on your blog.

You will do more to harm yourself if you post content that is too personal or inappropriate on your blog. So, play it safe and write about subjects of interest, even if you don’t know much about that subject.

Author Bio:- Kathryn is an author.  She writes for http://www.viking-direct.org/ a website that provides office supplies, including everything from stationery and ink cartridges to office furniture.

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