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5 Things You Need to Make Your Summer Soiree a Success



Summer Soiree Fun

Long, sunny days and sultry nights are what make summer the best to season to throw a party. If you’ve got one planned, we can help take it from basic to bombastic. Any summer party is going to be fun, as it’s the perfect weather and people are also in the right mindset. But there are also things you can do to amp it up. Need some inspiration? Read on for five things you need to make your summer soiree a success.

1:- Fantastic Fare For the Win

Good food is key when it comes to throwing a great party, but there is an art to summer soiree fare. No one wants to eat heavy casseroles or slow cooker food, as the temperatures are high and appetites tend to be lower. Think of including a variety of salads—watermelon feta salad, pasta salad, and a strawberry spinach salad come to mind. These are light but hearty, so people will be full but still ready to dance. Of course, if you’ve got someone who’s willing to man the grill, barbecuing is also a huge hit at summer shindigs. Hamburgers, hot dogs, kabobs, and chicken are the staples, but you can get ultra-creative by grilling peaches and pineapples, too. When it comes to dessert, you want to think light as well. Fruit-based desserts like tarts, cobblers, or even simply fresh fruit with homemade whipped cream will draw rave reviews.

2:- Set the Party Abuzz With Crafty Cocktails

The party would be fine if you simply serve beer, wine, and some non-alcoholic options but if you want to take it up a notch and go full Martha on them, serve some sort of signature cocktail or two. Like the fare, you want the drinks to ooze summertime. Whether it’s a Lillet-Basil Cocktail or Vodka-Thyme Lemonade, your guests will appreciate the extra effort and intrigue. And what’s great about many of these cocktails is they can often be mixed ahead of time. You can make them “serve yourself” by putting them in a cute and convenient container with a spout.

3:- Marvelous Music, Please

No proper party takes place sans music, but there are ways to make this even better. And if your home is filled with the latest technology, the expectations will already be set. Instead of simply throwing on Pandora or putting your playlist on shuffle, enlist the help of an audio visualizer from Magic Music Visuals. It adds to the whole experience, as you can create geometric patterns and other visual effects to move in time with the beats. If you want to relive the party again and again or have a friend who couldn’t make it, you can export your “movie” or upload to video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Music is marvelous but the visualizer is next-level partying for tech lovers.

4:- Go for the Gusto With Games

Board games are wonderful in the winter but during the summer you want to get your partygoers outside. A pool party is one fantastic way to get everyone going (especially kiddos!), but not everyone has access to a pool. Think about having cornhole boxes, bocce ball, and/or other fun outdoor games on hand. There’s nothing better than getting those competitive juices flowing. Extra points goes to the host that does this tournament-style and even offers prizes!

5:- Ambiance is All-Important

You don’t have to spend days on Pinterest to make your summer party fun and festive. One simple thing you can do to make a party extra special is to make it twinkle. From white lights strung over tables outside to tiki torches, there’s nothing like natural or even artificial light to set the mood. Of course, candles (used with caution!) are a must, too. Simple flower arrangements on your tables can also go a long way in adding to the party vibe. Themes are another way to take it up a notch, as they help with decorating ideas. Whether it’s a golf-themed gathering, a lovely luau, or a picnic party, guests love a vibe to get them going.

Summer soirees are simple, as this season automatically has guests in a good mood. Add some of these extra touches and your party will be talked about for years to come.

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